TV5, Dolphy’s last home, joins nation in mourning

TV5, Dolphy’s last home network, commiserated with the Filipino people on Wednesday on the death of the revered comedian.

“The management and staff of TV5 join the whole nation in mourning the passing of our most cherished colleague and one of showbiz’s most revered icons, Dolphy.

“For us in TV5, Mang Dolphy forever lives as the symbol of the indomitable joyful spirit of the Filipino. May the legacy of his laughter sustain us through our trials and triumphs as a people,” the network said in an official statement.

In early 2010, Dolphy joined TV5 where he starred in the sitcom “Pidol’s Wonderland”.

“I think ABS-CBN felt bad about it. But I just wanted to work. I’ve been waiting for a job for the past three years. I love ABS-CBN, but I need to move on,” he explained to the media.

For Dolphy, the transfer to TV5 represented a chance to work with his sons and old colleagues once again and be directed by his son, Eric Quizon.

For TV5 chairman Manny V. Pangilinan, it represented an opportunity to be associated with a legend he had long admired.

“I find Dolphy especially outstanding in two things—a Filipino in the truest sense, and, at bottom, a kind and generous man,” Pangilinan said in his note to Dolphy’s biography, “Hindi Ko Ito Narating Mag-isa”.

In December 2010, Dolphy played the narrator in TV5’s first film venture, “Rosario”, a well-crafted period drama about the life of Pangilinan’s grandmother.

The role won for him the best supporting actor honors at the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival, a welcome bonus to the best actor trophy he bagged for his other MMFF entry, “Father Jejemon”, the last entry in his long filmography.

On July 24, 2011, TV5 celebrated Dolphy’s 83rd birthday with a two-hour special called “Talentadong Pidol”.

Dolphy also co-hosted a special segment of “Talentadong Pinoy” with Ryan Agoncillo.