High-End Gifts for Guitar Players

What do you get for the guitar player who has everything? Well, you can always get them another guitar, but if you are going to give a guitar in the form of a gift, you can't just go pick one off the shelf. A great idea for a guitar gift is to purchase a custom guitar for someone before it is built, and then give the gift of being able to help design, consult, and even stop by the shop as the custom guitar is brought to life.

Hiring a Luthier

Many talented guitar luthiers (that's what people who build guitars are called) are accustomed to working in the high-end market, as many of the best guitars can go for several thousand dollars. If you have a person in your life who would appreciate a fine custom guitar the way an art collector appreciates a one-of-a-kind painting, try to find them a luthier who is great to work with, and who is knowledgeable about all aspects of guitar making. The gift you end up giving will result in a guitar, but it's really about the experience of having the guitar made. Guitar players go crazy for that sort of thing, and as a gift, it's a truly high-end and original idea.

Private House Concert From a Talented Guitar Artists

If you have the money to spend, you can create a memorable and intimate evening by having a respected artist perform in your home. The great thing about guitar players is that their taste in music tends to be broad, so there are many artists who are not necessarily the type who play sports arenas, who may be among the favorites of your gift-receiving partner.

If your person truly loves guitar artists, you can find someone who is widely known in guitar-playing circles like Geoff Achison, who do private bookings and can put on an amazing acoustic show right in your house. Just imagine how many points you'll get for originality by coming up with a gift like that!

Wooden Guitar Stands

On the lower end of the expensive scale, there are always toys and gadgets that can be added to the collection of a guitar aficionado that will enhance their hobby. True, most guitar players buy the things they need, but there are always areas where they can upgrade or replace things with something finer or better.

For example, most guitar players probably have a handful of guitar stands, and many of them own some of those generic three-legged things that they probably bought many years ago. Stands are functional, but they can also be beautiful and have a design impact on the living space where the guitars are kept. A great gift idea is a natural hardwood guitar stand, which can add an artistic statement to what is also a functional necessity for displaying instruments outside of their cases.

Looking for a Custom Acoustic Guitar Luthier?

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Sara Gilbert My Special Lady Friend is a Non Blonde

Sara Gilbert is one helluva rebounder -- the former "Roseanne" star/ "The Talk" co-host was holding hands with 4 Non Blondes singer Linda Perry this weekend ... just a few months after splitting with her partner of ten years.

No word if the two are "official" yet -- but they definitely seemed couplish as they strolled around West Hollywood together.

For the record -- Perry ain't no one hit wonder ... she's super successful in the music world, having written and produced songs for everyone from Christina Aguilera to Pink.

Gilbert has two children with her ex.

Calls to both Gilbert's rep and Perry's peeps have not been returned.

Source: TMZ

Sublime with Rome Yeah We Fought ... But We're NOT Broken Up!

Don't panic ... Sublime with Rome is NOT calling it quits, despite an on-stage blow up at a concert in Hawaii earlier this week ... TMZ has learned.

Fans were shocked when drummer Bud Gaugh stormed off the stage in Maui on Nov. 20 -- after hurling profanities at the band's manager, Mike "Cheez" Brown.

TMZ spoke with Cheez ... who tells us the drama began when he grabbed his guitar to play a song with the band at the end of the show, as he's often known to do.

But this time, Cheez says, Bud had an issue with the performance -- and screamed at Cheez to get off the stage. Bud then got the crowd to chant, "Go home Cheez."

Cheez, surprised by Bud's reaction, remained on the stage -- but Bud stormed off. The band, stunned by the outburst, completed the show without the drummer.

Now, sources close to the band tell TMZ ... the guys have buried the hatchet -- after laughing about the incident the following day.

As for Cheez, dude tells us he plans to stay off the stage for a while ... until Bud gives him the all-clear to play with the group again.

Source: TMZ

Black Sabbath Reunion Is Here

At a press conference in Los Angeles last Friday, 11-11-11 (Nov.11), British rock band Black Sabbath announced that they are reuniting at the Whisky A Go Go in L.A. on the legendary Sunset Strip where they performed their first Los Angeles gig, 41 years ago.

It has been confirmed that Black Sabbath are finally making their return after more than 30 years. Original members of Black Sabbath- Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, and Bill Ward are back together for a 2012 WORLD TOUR and bringing out a new record with Rick Rubin after 33 years, which is expected to be released next year.

Kid Rock An Overall Champ in the Club

For Kid Rock, partying at Vanquish in Atlanta the other night was hard work ... so he wore a pair of his finest Carhartt overalls.

Sometimes flippin' the bird and throwing back drinks with your boys can seem like menial labor ... and luckily Kid is dressed for it.

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Led Zeppelin vs. The Who Who'd You Rather?

Legendary Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant, 63, and iconic The Who front man Roger Daltrey, 67, joined forces at an event in L.A. this weekend.

Question is ...

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Joe Frazier Boxing Great Dies at 67

"Smokin" Joe Frazier died this evening after battling liver cancer ... according to the boxing legend's agent.

The former heavyweight champ was diagnosed just last month with liver cancer.

Darren Prince tells TMZ Frazier passed away at home in Philadelphia just over an hour ago. His was surrounded by his family.

Joe fought Muhammad Ali three times in the 70s ... defeating him in '71. Their last battle was the legendary "Thrilla in Manilla."

Joe Frazier was 67 years old.

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Kobe Bryant IN the Gym with Manny Pacquiao

Kobe Bryant is back in the gym -- not with the Lakers (stupid lockout) -- but with Manny Pacquiao!

Kobe slipped unnoticed into Manny's LA workout spot ... Wild Card Boxing Club on Thursday afternoon -- and just over an hour later, we spotted him leaving through the back door.

We're told Manny was definitely working out while Kobe was there -- people outside heard Manny punching the crap out of stuff -- but we're pretty sure Kobe was not IN the ring ... Black Mamba was unscathed when he left.

Would be a helluva fight though.

Source: TMZ

Gwar Guitarist was found dead

Heavy metal band Gwar -dinosaur-head shoulder pads, guitarist Cory Smoot, also known as Flattus Maximus, was found dead by his band-mates as the band was traveling to Canada for a performance. There is no word as to the cause of death.