How To Get The Most Out Of Your Rock Tunes

There is always a gap in many rockers' lives when it comes to rocking out, but there is a way to solve the issue. Metal heads are always looking for the right moment and way of unleashing ear drum blowing death metal blast beats inside their cranium. There are too many instances in a metal head's life where it is unacceptable to rock out, and serving drive through and going to church are no omissions. Fortunately, there are a few different options that fill in the spaces and make the adrenaline rush harder than ever, getting the most out of some lovely double bass drum slams.

Bringing grandma to bingo can be the most challenging time ever. The hardest of the hardcore rockers always experience the urge to crank their stereos up to 11, though grandma does have some terrific stories. Even rocking at a modest level is often difficult, given that most grandmas have sensitive ears and get headaches very easily. The best sound experience is essential in these cases in order to make electronic thunder after such situations. Replacing the minivan's aging speakers with some that can deal with a high powered amp is completely required. Getting a good stereo, or at least one with an auxiliary in, is essential to provide the control needed for the remainder of the setup. With all the room the back of the minivan has, putting some sweet subwoofers in will be the main thing that makes the music better. Right after grandma says adios, she will be greeted with the gently fading sound of thunder as her ride slowly moves away.

Sound systems in the minivan fill a significant void in a rocker's life, but there are also times when the listener has to leave the car. As a way to fill in the gaps in time, getting an MP3 player or smartphone makes up for the break in listening time. These devices offer a world of possibilities, but can have sound quality that lags behind that of a speaker system. Compact headphone amps are a great way to increase the clarity and volume of most devices. Smartphones can also play tunes through Bluetooth devices, which will remove both wires and the visibility of the earpiece. This makes it easier to listen covertly while doing other things, but try not to head bang too hard in the wrong scenarios.

A different, unique way of making up for listening voids is listening in pure analog. Getting some timeless Metallica vinyl can soothe even the most insisting metal head needs, because getting rid of digital sources makes the sound feel more real. It is okay to use modern day turn tables and amplifiers for the rest, but vinyl records on their own cannot be mimicked. Even though it is important to get some killer palm muted guitar riffs on record, getting some Radiohead vinyl for when somebody is feeling like no one understands helps. Simply put, vinyl records sound pure and unaltered, as opposed to their digital cousins.

SoundStage Direct, LLC is an online independent store based in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. SSD has the largest selection of vinyl records online. And you don't want to miss amazing closeout deals available at our LP outlet! We have record albums in every genre (example: Metallica vinyl) and in a variety of formats available ready to be shipped at your doorstep.

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Rock Your World - The Irish Way

In the autumn of 1976 in Dulin, Ireland, musicians Paul David Hewson (Bono), David Howell Evans (The Edge), Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen, Jr formed a band called "Feedback". The 14-year old then Mullen posted an advertisement at his secondary school's bulletin board announcing the need for musicians to form a band. The announcement resulted to the formation a four-man band first called as "Feedback." Shortly after, the band changed its name to "The Hype." Eighteen months later, the band changed its name again to "U2."

In March of 1978, U2 performed in a talent show held in Limerick, Ireland. One of the judges of the contest was Jackie Hayden of CBS Records. U2 won the talent contest with a £500 prize. Hayden was so impressed with the band that he gave U2 studio time for them to record their demo tape.

In September 1979, U2 released their first single titled U2:3, which made it to the top list of Irish charts. During the moth of December of the same year, the band went to London and preformed their first out of the country show. However, the concert failed to get attention from critics and foreign audience.

In October of 1980, the band released their first album titled "Boy." This was followed by their second album "October" in 1981. It was during this time that critics and fans started to notice the bands spiritual lyrics. Three of the band members - Bono, Larry, and The Edge are committed Christians and are members of Dublin-based religious group known as "Shalom."

In 1983, U2 released their third album titled "War" which included the single "New Year's Day," their first international hit single. Several years later, U2 continues to gain worldwide recognition. At present, U2 is one of the best bands considered in the music industry and they continue to give pride to Irish flag.

Pollux Parker is an adventurer who loves discovering secret island getaways in each country he visits. Pollux also likes to collect Irish flag and buy Irish flag for sale.

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Rare Lunar Eclipse Today

A total lunar eclipse will happen this Saturday, December 10. Astrologers, Stargazers are encouraged to take advantage of it to be able to witness the moon completely darkened by the shadow of the earth. It's going to be visible in a large part of the World from Asia, Alaska, Hawaii and Australia where views will be the best.

The eclipse will start at around 7:45 a.m. EST (4:45 am. PST, 12:45 GMT) and it will last 51 minutes, 8 seconds.

Luxury Gift Ideas for a Guitar Player

As hobbies go, guitar playing is not quite as expensive as yacht-racing or something like that, but there are still many high-end items that guitar players can indulge in. If you are looking for a high-end gift for a guitar player, you may have already become frustrated once you realized that guitar players tend to buy almost everything they need to pursue their hobby, from a multitude of guitars to the most wacky gadgetry. However, there's always room for another guitar in the collection, and there's always some gifts that can be experienced over and over again.

Let's take a look at some ideas for a fantastic guitar-related gift for the string-plucking enthusiast in your life.

Custom Handmade Guitar

Yes, your guitar enthusiast will already have a nice acoustic guitar or two, but there is nothing in the world like having a custom guitar made to order. It's not just about the guitar, it's about the experience of working with a luthier to select tonewood, design a style, and to be part of the process of bringing a one-of-a-kind guitar to life. It's definitely not a good idea to have a guitar made for someone without their input. Instead, do the research and find a luthier who will make a great instrument, and get them to send some sample photos that you can wrap up as the present for the gift recipient.

Guitar Humidor

Whether you live in a cool, dry climate, or a hot and humid one, there are time of the year when the weather is not very kind to your guitars. They are made of wood, after all, and the tone and stability of the guitar depend greatly on the enduring quality of the wood over time. Guitars need a little moisture to stay healthy, especially during the dry winter months, and buying a special "humidor" guitar case is a great gift, which will help keep a guitar looking and sounding its best year after year. As a luxury purchase, a humidor also gives the owner a great conversation piece to make his guitar-playing friends envious.

Recording Studio Time

Whether your guitar-playing friend has ever recorded in a studio or not, the gift of recording time will be a fantastic and welcome surprise. Some folks need a little extra push to get into a studio and lay down some tracks, so finding them a good studio with an engineer who can help them get the recording they want is a great gift idea. Check your area for recording studios, and try to find one that has a good reputation, and has some credits on some professional records.

A better idea is to find an engineer first, and then go with the studio that they recommend, so you can focus on working with someone you like. Many studios have song demo package deals, where they will record and mix a project for you for a flat fee, and may even include some added instrumentation from a talented player. Giving a gift that results in a professional recording will last forever and be remembered fondly.

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Razorback atin-atin lang

Atin-Atin Lang - RAZORBACK

Ano bang pumipigil sa’tin? Atin- atin lang naman,
wala naman tayong mga sekreto. O meron ba? Ako wala.

Bakit ba’t di kita mahanap? Ikaw ba ay nagtatago
O sa simula palang ay nagpapanggap na sandalan?

Tinitiklop at niyayanig ng gulo. Nasaan ka?
Pinapasok na kita sa buhay ko. Ngayon ka pa mawawala?
Nasaan ka na?

Ano bang pumipigil sa’kin? Atin- atin lang naman
pero ang takot ko ay bigla ka nalang susulpot. Ayoko ko na.
Di ko kaya.

Di ko alam kung nanaginip lang ako.
Akala ko ako ay nasalba pero bigla ka nalang nawala.
Nananadya ka ba?

Tinitiklop at niyayanig ng gulo. Nasaan ka?
Pinapasok na kita sa buhay ko. Ngayon ka pa mawawala?
Nasaan ka na?

Ano bang pumipigil sa’kin?
Atin atin lang
Atin atin lang

you can watch live video here

High-End Gifts for Guitar Players

What do you get for the guitar player who has everything? Well, you can always get them another guitar, but if you are going to give a guitar in the form of a gift, you can't just go pick one off the shelf. A great idea for a guitar gift is to purchase a custom guitar for someone before it is built, and then give the gift of being able to help design, consult, and even stop by the shop as the custom guitar is brought to life.

Hiring a Luthier

Many talented guitar luthiers (that's what people who build guitars are called) are accustomed to working in the high-end market, as many of the best guitars can go for several thousand dollars. If you have a person in your life who would appreciate a fine custom guitar the way an art collector appreciates a one-of-a-kind painting, try to find them a luthier who is great to work with, and who is knowledgeable about all aspects of guitar making. The gift you end up giving will result in a guitar, but it's really about the experience of having the guitar made. Guitar players go crazy for that sort of thing, and as a gift, it's a truly high-end and original idea.

Private House Concert From a Talented Guitar Artists

If you have the money to spend, you can create a memorable and intimate evening by having a respected artist perform in your home. The great thing about guitar players is that their taste in music tends to be broad, so there are many artists who are not necessarily the type who play sports arenas, who may be among the favorites of your gift-receiving partner.

If your person truly loves guitar artists, you can find someone who is widely known in guitar-playing circles like Geoff Achison, who do private bookings and can put on an amazing acoustic show right in your house. Just imagine how many points you'll get for originality by coming up with a gift like that!

Wooden Guitar Stands

On the lower end of the expensive scale, there are always toys and gadgets that can be added to the collection of a guitar aficionado that will enhance their hobby. True, most guitar players buy the things they need, but there are always areas where they can upgrade or replace things with something finer or better.

For example, most guitar players probably have a handful of guitar stands, and many of them own some of those generic three-legged things that they probably bought many years ago. Stands are functional, but they can also be beautiful and have a design impact on the living space where the guitars are kept. A great gift idea is a natural hardwood guitar stand, which can add an artistic statement to what is also a functional necessity for displaying instruments outside of their cases.

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Sara Gilbert My Special Lady Friend is a Non Blonde

Sara Gilbert is one helluva rebounder -- the former "Roseanne" star/ "The Talk" co-host was holding hands with 4 Non Blondes singer Linda Perry this weekend ... just a few months after splitting with her partner of ten years.

No word if the two are "official" yet -- but they definitely seemed couplish as they strolled around West Hollywood together.

For the record -- Perry ain't no one hit wonder ... she's super successful in the music world, having written and produced songs for everyone from Christina Aguilera to Pink.

Gilbert has two children with her ex.

Calls to both Gilbert's rep and Perry's peeps have not been returned.

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Sublime with Rome Yeah We Fought ... But We're NOT Broken Up!

Don't panic ... Sublime with Rome is NOT calling it quits, despite an on-stage blow up at a concert in Hawaii earlier this week ... TMZ has learned.

Fans were shocked when drummer Bud Gaugh stormed off the stage in Maui on Nov. 20 -- after hurling profanities at the band's manager, Mike "Cheez" Brown.

TMZ spoke with Cheez ... who tells us the drama began when he grabbed his guitar to play a song with the band at the end of the show, as he's often known to do.

But this time, Cheez says, Bud had an issue with the performance -- and screamed at Cheez to get off the stage. Bud then got the crowd to chant, "Go home Cheez."

Cheez, surprised by Bud's reaction, remained on the stage -- but Bud stormed off. The band, stunned by the outburst, completed the show without the drummer.

Now, sources close to the band tell TMZ ... the guys have buried the hatchet -- after laughing about the incident the following day.

As for Cheez, dude tells us he plans to stay off the stage for a while ... until Bud gives him the all-clear to play with the group again.

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Black Sabbath Reunion Is Here

At a press conference in Los Angeles last Friday, 11-11-11 (Nov.11), British rock band Black Sabbath announced that they are reuniting at the Whisky A Go Go in L.A. on the legendary Sunset Strip where they performed their first Los Angeles gig, 41 years ago.

It has been confirmed that Black Sabbath are finally making their return after more than 30 years. Original members of Black Sabbath- Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, and Bill Ward are back together for a 2012 WORLD TOUR and bringing out a new record with Rick Rubin after 33 years, which is expected to be released next year.

Kid Rock An Overall Champ in the Club

For Kid Rock, partying at Vanquish in Atlanta the other night was hard work ... so he wore a pair of his finest Carhartt overalls.

Sometimes flippin' the bird and throwing back drinks with your boys can seem like menial labor ... and luckily Kid is dressed for it.

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Led Zeppelin vs. The Who Who'd You Rather?

Legendary Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant, 63, and iconic The Who front man Roger Daltrey, 67, joined forces at an event in L.A. this weekend.

Question is ...

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Joe Frazier Boxing Great Dies at 67

"Smokin" Joe Frazier died this evening after battling liver cancer ... according to the boxing legend's agent.

The former heavyweight champ was diagnosed just last month with liver cancer.

Darren Prince tells TMZ Frazier passed away at home in Philadelphia just over an hour ago. His was surrounded by his family.

Joe fought Muhammad Ali three times in the 70s ... defeating him in '71. Their last battle was the legendary "Thrilla in Manilla."

Joe Frazier was 67 years old.

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Kobe Bryant IN the Gym with Manny Pacquiao

Kobe Bryant is back in the gym -- not with the Lakers (stupid lockout) -- but with Manny Pacquiao!

Kobe slipped unnoticed into Manny's LA workout spot ... Wild Card Boxing Club on Thursday afternoon -- and just over an hour later, we spotted him leaving through the back door.

We're told Manny was definitely working out while Kobe was there -- people outside heard Manny punching the crap out of stuff -- but we're pretty sure Kobe was not IN the ring ... Black Mamba was unscathed when he left.

Would be a helluva fight though.

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Gwar Guitarist was found dead

Heavy metal band Gwar -dinosaur-head shoulder pads, guitarist Cory Smoot, also known as Flattus Maximus, was found dead by his band-mates as the band was traveling to Canada for a performance. There is no word as to the cause of death.

Rock Center With Brian Williams

NBC's primetime news magazine Rock Center With Brian Williams will debut on NBC Monday, October 31 at 10 PM and Natalie Morales from NBC News will be a new correspondent.

The announcement was made by Steve Capus, President of NBC News and Robert Greenblatt, Chairman of NBC Entertainment.

Bridge School Benefit Concert

Neil Young and his wife Pegi has been organizing the annual Bridge School benefit concert which is held every month of October. Bridge School Benefit Concert will be held this weekend October 22 and 23 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.

The funds raised by this benefit concert encourages people to have a positive effect on children and will benefit the nonprofit organization that educates children with severe speech and physical disabilities.

The Benefit concert will be remembered in separate DVD and CD releases including live performances from Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Norah Jones, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Paul McCartney etc.. to be released on October 24.

The Bridge School Concert 25th Anniversary Edition DVD

Disc 1:
Bruce Springsteen, "Born In The USA"
Patti Smith, "People Have The Power"
Pearl Jam, "Better Man"
David Bowie, "Heroes"
Ben Harper, "There Will Be A Light"
Bob Dylan, "Girl From The North Country"
R.E.M., "Country Feedback"
Emmylou Harris & Buddy Miller, "Love Hurts"
Fleet Foxes, "Blue Ridge Mountains"
Devendra Banhart, "At The Hop"
Bonnie Raitt, "The Road Is My Middle Name"
Billy Idol, "Rebel Yell"

Disc 2:
Brian Wilson, "Surfin' USA"
Gillian Welch, "The Way It Will Be"
The Pretenders, "Sense Of Purpose"
James Taylor, "Fire and Rain"
Simon and Garfunkel, "America"
Tom Petty, "Shadow Of A Doubt"
Dave Matthews, "Too Much"
Neil Young, "Crime In The City"
Tom Waits, "16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six"
Elton John and Leon Russell, "A Dream Come True"
Paul McCartney, "Get Back"
Metallica, "Disposable Heroes"
The Who, "Won't Get Fooled Again"

Disc 3:
Bridge School Documentaries:
- Backstage At The Bridge School Benefit Concert
- The Bridge School Story
- Special Feature - Student/Artist Interviews

The Bridge School Concerts 25th Anniversary Edition CD

CD 1:
Bruce Springsteen, "Born In The USA"
Dave Matthews, "Too Much"
No Doubt, "Magic’s In The Makeup"
Jack Johnson, "Gone"
Fleet Foxes, "Blue Ridge Mountains"
Neil Young & Crazy Horse, "Love And Only Love"
Sonic Youth, "Rain On Tin"
Pearl Jam, "Better Man"
Gillian Welch, "The Way It Will Be"
R.E.M. & Neil Young, "Country Feedback"
Willie Nelson, "The Great Divide"
Nils Lofgren, "Cry Just A Little"

CD 2:
Sarah McLachlan, "Elsewhere"
Paul McCartney, "Get Back"
Elton John & Leon Russell, "A Dream Come True"
Band Of Horses, "Marry Song"
Metallica, "Disposable Heroes"
Thom Yorke, "After The Gold Rush"
Sheryl Crow, "The Difficult Kind"
Tony Bennett, "Maybe This Time"
CSNY, "Déjà Vu"
Norah Jones, "Jesus, Etc"
Jonathan Richman, "I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar"
Brian Wilson, "Surfin' USA"
The Who, "Won't Get Fooled Again"

Google honors Disney Artist Mary Blair

Google honors the life and works of Disney artist Mary Blair with a nice colorful simple pattern doodle that made her famous in the world of cartoons.

Mary Blair was born in Oklahoma on October 21, 1911. Mary Blair is a well-known Disney illustrator best known for her work in Walt Disney Company. She designed artworks for popular films such as Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Cinderella.

Vacation to Florida

So, what is the attraction to Florida? Is it the people, the weather, the geography, the beaches? Or could it be all the golf courses and outdoor sporting events? Maybe it's all of the other events that occur throughout the year and throughout the state.

Florida is one of the best places in the world for beach-goers. The well-know beaches are just too plentiful to list. Here are just a few: Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale Beach, South Beach, Daytona Beach, Siesta Key, Panama City Beach, Clearwater Beach, and Pensacola Beach. There are many, many more. Whether you decide on the east or west coast of Florida the beaches will amaze you with white sands and warm ocean water.

Rocksmith now in stores

Ubisoft has announced that Rocksmith is now in stores for $79.99, package will include the game together with Epiphone Les Paul Junior guitar and the Rocksmith Real Tone Cable to convert the 1/4 inch output jack of a guitar to a USB input.

Rocksmith is the first and only game where you can connect any real guitar, a real life Guitar game that makes practicing and playing the guitar more exciting and absolutely learn while you play.

Play the real guitar parts with over 50 rock songs and different genres of music, become a real musician then picture yourself as a real Rockstar!

Rocksmith, not just a music game but an amazing guitar game.

Blues Chords on Guitar - Learn Where to Start for Free

Have you ever wanted to play guitar? Have you ever wanted to play blues guitar? Are you interested in learning blues chords on guitar or even some really cool blues riffs? Well there is no reason why you can't. In fact whether you are interested in just playing the guitar, playing the blues or both doesn't matter. The reason it does matter is because it is simple process learning this and without a doubt do it.

It is not always easy to start something new. When you start to learn something for the first time you are putting yourself out. You are opening yourself to criticism. Some people even become jealous realizing you are doing something they have just been too lazy to do. Some of these same people may think its ok to make fun of you as you learn. When picking up the guitar there will be times that you are just given bad info as to the best place to start. You are sometimes just going to get lost with no one to turn to.

There are always to going to be people that want to take you down a peg. Asking why would you want to play guitar. Do you really think you will be able to do that? What you are playing sound awful and so on. The bottom line is most people hate to see you try to become a better person. Everyone wants you to be just as miserable as they are. Sad but true.

Well there is no need for concerns because guitar playing is nowhere near the insurmountable undertaking you think it is. There is no reason in the world you cannot be playing blues, rock, funk or whatever genre of music you like in a short time. I have no doubts in my mind just by reading this article shows the drive needed.

So there are easy ways for you to learn what you need. You can take lessons with a guitar teacher. You download guitar lessons on line or you can go to a local music store and buy some blues lessons or beginner lessons. If you are investigating or sort of just testing the waters the best bet for you maybe to consider signing up for some free guitar lessons. The best reason for this is you can begin to learn how to play without much out of pocket expense. Make sure this is a good fit for you. Either way you do it is simple just follow through and you will be play a 12 bar blues in no time.

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Google to shut down Google Buzz

Internet search giant Google announced that it will be shutting down Google Buzz and focus instead on Google+, Google product vice president Bradley Horowitz said in a blog posting.

When Google Buzz was initially launched, Google Buzz was meant to be the search giant’s first venture into social networking. It's like a combination of Facebook and Twitter and encourage users to share status updates, photos and much more that could then be seen by friends in real time hοwеνеr, Buzz engineers failed tο properly account fοr users’ account privacy requirements.

Now with the launch of Google+, Buzz has completely vanished as Google+ is a complete Social networking tool that is designed in a way much better. Earlier this week, Google+ has 40 million users, and it seems now is the time to shut down Google Buzz.

Beatles Member Paul McCartney married to fiance Nancy Shevell

Beatles member, Musician Paul McCartney got married to fiance, American Heiress Nancy Shevell in London on Sunday-October 9. In fact, it's the third wedding for the 69-year-old.

Paul McCartney wore a dark suit with a white shirt and pale blue tie while Nancy wore a beautiful classy knee-length ivory dress designed by Paul McCartney's daughter and fashion designer-Stella McCartney.

51-year-old Nancy Shevell is a businesswoman and daughter of a New Jersey shipping magnate.

The ceremony was held at Old Marylebone Town Hall in London attended by close family and friends, including Beatles drummer Ringo Starr and Barbara Walters.

Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs who was battling pancreatic cancer passed away at the age of 56.

Steve Jobs is the man behind the world of technology from personal computers, music players, smartphones, and digital tablets. Jobs recently stepped down as the CEO of Apple last August 24, 2011 and was replaced by Apple's Chief Operating Officer , Tim Cook.

Apple's Board of Directors released this statement:

We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today. Steve's brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.

His greatest love was for his wife, Laurene, and his family. Our hearts go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts.

Learn How to Get Basic Bass Guitar Training

The 5 string bass guitar always has been a tremendously vital musical instrument within rock and roll records but often it tend to be missed. Maybe some of this can be due to the fact that it merely consists of four strings or perhaps the simple fact that solo musicians are usually flashier. For that reason, the guitar may be overlooked as an instrument. Playing it may occasionally be harder when compared with playing your guitar. That being said, you shouldn't place emphasis with the actual number of guitar strings you'll have to play. In its place, look into what you may perform with them.

Technology advances might help

You heard that right, you may get guitar lessons with dvd, making this faster and easier to learn at your personal tempo and level. Any dvd will provide anyone the option to temporary stop and take another look at certain sections as often as you want - which can help you learn bass quickly. Everything which will help someone to study bass need to be recommended in as many people as is possible. Taking up a whole new guitar can aid everyone obtain self-esteem and cultivate various skill-sets and this fresh means of acquiring knowledge has become highly sought after.

The allure pertaining to getting to know the electric guitar is usually that that one thing to get from that, it's possible. Certainly, a number of people can take up a guitar so as to join a music group and with some luck hit the street to popularity and also fortunes. The 4 string bass guitar is a perfect musical instrument for virtually every aim or aspiration a person could possibly have in your thoughts and you ought to perform substantial deliberation should you fancy a different undertaking in daily life.

Coaching on DVD

Being in position to figure out from your personal schedule can make taking on a new instrument rather more exciting routine for the huge quantity of folks. With some luck, the latest batch of bass guitar players could be honing their expertise at this specific instant. There has hardly been a more rewarding time to play guitar as there are selections of coaching to guarantee everyone is able to get the most suitable option to read and learn. It truly is suggested which you opt for that solution is best suited for you and proceed utilizing it.

Regardless of what option is preferred, there's certainly no doubting that electric guitar lessons are an enjoyable and a delightful strategy to improve fresh new competencies and pick up a musical instrument. Irrespective of how you study or whichever music genre you desire to get into, the solutions for enjoying a great time while using the electric bass guitar is wide open for every individual. For that reason, remember to use the many options available.

Looking for bass guitar lessons DVD? Read our Teach Me Bass Guitar review of this award winning DVD course today...

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Find Out The Gear Secrets of Eddie Van Halen

Super-fast two-handed tapping, monstrous dive-bombs, legato licks with machine-like precision - no other guitarist since Hendrix influenced the guitar community more than Dutch-born Edward Lodewijk Van Halen.

Almost single-handedly he brought technical innovation and harmonic diversity to the blues-based Hard Rock of the 60s and 70s. The breathtaking instrumental 'Eruption' on Van Halen's 1978 debut album alone made many established guitarists of the day want to throw their guitar on the dumpster. But not only Eddies' playing was breathtaking, his tone was equally astonishing. Achieved through a combination of highly customized guitars and amps he coined the phrase 'Brown Sound' which set a new reference tone for thousands of guitarists following his path

Eddie first guitar was a cheap Teisco Del Rey solid body guitar, which he swapped for his drum set with his brother Alex Van Halen. Later he acquired a Les Paul copy to learn all the songs and licks from his guitar idol, Eric Clapton.

But he doesn't like the heavy weight and the fact that he can't get a usable tone from the neck pick-up.

The first album was recorded with a self-made Strat-style guitar that consisted of several Charvel guitar parts as well as a '58 Fender Stratocaster. Both guitars have maple necks, which Eddie prefers. The Charvel 'Frankenstein' guitar has a mahogany body which Eddie likes, as it doesn't produce the Fender Twang. He rips the humbucker out of an old Gibson ES-335 and screws it in the bridge position of the guitar and uses sticky tape to give it the famous 'stripe' look.

As soon as the first 'modern' Vibrato-system becomes available Eddie installs it on his Franken-Strat and from then on the Floyd Rose vibrato is a staple on all of his guitars. In the early '80s Eddie had an endorsement-deal with Kramer guitars, who build his signature guitars - equipped with a single humbucker, a single volume control, Floyd Rose vibrato and the trademark white-and-red stripes.

After his deal with Kramer ended he developed his signature guitar with Music Man in the early '90s. This guitar has an attractive curly maple cap and specially designed custom neck and bridge pick-ups by DiMarzio, a great playing neck with compound radius and is extremely successful. It has a very unique tone and is one of the most interesting rock-guitars of the 90s.

1996 sees the end of the collaboration with Ernie Ball / Music Man. Eddie moves to Peavey to release a very similar guitar, called 'Wolfgang' after his son. Music Man renames the EVH-model into Axis and changes a few details and keeps the guitar successfully in their program.

But the Peavey Intermezzo is only short-lived.

Just recently Eddie has launched his own brand, EVH. In collaboration with Fender he now has a range of EVH signature Wolfgang guitars, the EVH 5150 III amps and EVH shoes(!)

The other part to his 'brown sound' is of course his amplifier. In the beginning he uses several cheap amps until he acquires a late '60s Marshall. This Plexi-Marshall is usually played with the 'english setting' - all controls on 10! He later uses a Variac Transformer to alter the voltage in the amp and to make the sound 'spongier'. Effects wise Ed keeps it simple - a Univox EC-80 Tape-Echo or an old Tube Echoplex, an MXR Phase 90 and MXR Flanger are all he needs. Occasionally you can find a MXR Distortion Plus on his pedal board. Later on he will turn to Roland SDE-3000 Delay, Lexicon PCM 70 Reverb and Eventide H-3000 harmonizer to create a full and wide live-tone. Also in his live-rig are a Boss OC-2 Octaver and SD-1 Super Overdrive.

Once Eddie gets accustomed to all the trickery that's available in the studio he makes full use of them, double tracking his guitars, using a Firefox Mini-Strat or a Danelectro 6-string bass.

In the early '90s Eddie starts playing around with the Hi-End amps made by Mike Soldano. He loves the lead sound but the rhythm tone doesn't do it for him. After a meeting with Hartley Peavey they develop a signature amplifier, the Peavey 5150. This amp is extremely popular and fellow guitarist like Ted Nugent, Brad Whitford of Aerosmith or Joe Satriani integrate it in their set-up.

As the partnership with Peavey comes to an end, Ed returns to his trusted Marshall for a while only to team up with Fender to release the EVH 5150 III.

Chris Basener is a guitarist, composer, producer and instructor who plays instrumental groove rock with vibrant melodies that speaks to the cosmopolitan music fan as much as the guitar community.

The graduate of the Munich Guitar Institute (MGI) in Germany did many clinics and demos at tradeshows and fairs across Europe (Germany, Austria, France and Belgium) performing for tens of thousands of people. He has more free articles on his website

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Music news - The magazines that shaped the music industry

Music news as we know it today developed out of the early magazines that caught onto the growth of the popular music industry early on in the 20th Century. Melody Maker was one of the first, introducing itself in 1926 (around the same time that the first electric guitars and amplifiers began to emerge) and targeting musicians. However, as music became more and more popular the music magazines of the day began to target the general public and the introduction of new, rival magazines hit the shelves.

The 1950s is when the real battle started with Melody Maker going head to head with the new kids in town, the NME, an amalgamation of previous titles Musical Express and Accordion Weekly by new owner and music promoter Maurice Kinn. Previously more interested in jazz, Melody Maker was a late convert to the advent of rock and roll, but as the sixties swung in favour of bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the ground was set for big readership figures for both publications.

The 1960s also saw the coming of more politicised voices to the publication of music news with the launch of the Berkley Barb in 1965 and Rolling Stone in 1967. Criticism of the Vietnamese war, the publication of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the counterculture revolution of the 1960s sat next to The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrison cover stories.

This political edge to music publication didn’t reach the British music news until the late 1970s with the dawning of the age of punk. However, the early 70s saw the introduction of a new rival, Sounds, which quickly became one of the three music weekly magazines to generate good levels of readership. It’s edge came from its ability to see the credibility of new musical movements like Punk early on.

The 1980s would see a mixed bag of journalism in the music industry, with the hip-hop wars affecting the NME and a more populist standpoint reigning at Melody Maker until its intellectual renaissance in 1986. However, it would be the 90s that would see the story of modern British music journalism come to a head. The rise of Britpop and the introduction & success of monthly magazines Q (1986) and Mojo (1993) left Melody Maker without a clear audience or direction, and so in 2000 is ceased publication, merging with its long time rival NME, while Sounds bit the dust nearly a decade earlier in 1991.

The 2000s were left to NME and despite its ropey start to the decade, it would eventually find its footing again with bands like White Stripes, The Strokes and The Libertines. However, with readership dropping fast to just over a tenth of its hey-day 300,000 circulation, publications like NME have pumped significant investment into their online music news to compensate.

With the arrival of a new decade, it’s hard to say that any of the remaining music magazines are doing anything particularly trailblazing, but then neither is the music industry as a whole. With the nation locked into the X-Factor culture, genuinely credible new music often finds it difficult to break out of the underground world that it too often resides. The death of Top of the Pops in 2006 meant that the only music to be played on terrestrial television in the UK during prime time viewing was based around one talent contest or another. With circulation figures so low, maybe it’s time for the icons of music news to take back what they have spent decades helping to create.

Tuppence Magazine delivers music news, film, books, computer games, food & drink, politics, theatre, comedy, art and fashion news & reviews from its entertainment news UK website - dedicated to writing about the best entertainment news online.

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Rockstar Movie Trailer

Rockstar trailer is finally released with Ranbir Kapoor, late actor Shammi Kapoor and Nagris Fakhri as lead roles. The Movie is directed by Imtiaz Ali and Produced by Dhillin Mehta.
Music For the Movie is composed by award winning composer AR Rahman.

Rockstar will also be late actor Shammi Kapoor’s last appearance on the big screen. The official trailer launched by Eros International is amazing and it shows the short idealization about the movie. The movie twist and reflects to Jordan, a young musician with potential, who is a little awkward.

The Movie will be released on 11-11-11.

Different Types of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a fashion staple and likely will be for a long time. But they serve as more than just a fashion accessory - they protect the eyes form UV light. That's why it's important to understand all the different styles out there. Let's get started.

Ray Ban aviators were first developed in 1936 for military pilots. Since then, their popularity has spread widely. With a thin metal frame and oversized teardrop lens, they are often mirrored or come in different lens colors.

Teashades are the sunglasses popularized by John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne. They are small circular lenses set in thin wire frames. They became popular in the psychedelic circles of the '60s counterculture and although they aren't as popular anymore, they remain a preferred style of celebrity sunglasses. The Ray Ban Wayfarer is another classic style of sunglasses. These plastic-framed, trapezoidal lensed glasses are wider at the top than the bottom and when they were introduced in the early '50s, quickly became James Dean's signature style. Usually black or brown, Ray Ban wayfarers can also come in a calico or turtle-shell print.

Oversized sunglasses were very fashionable in the '80s and recently have experienced a resurgence. Onassis glasses, otherwise known as Jackie Os, are typically women's sunglasses, but have been seen as male celebrity sunglasses too. Because these glasses cover more skin, they are better for protecting against sunburn.

Mirrored sunglasses are the best sunglasses for seeing faint contrasts. They are favored buy skiers and snowboarders especially and come in a variety of colors with a plastic frame. Wraparounds are often confused with these sunglasses because they are both favored by extreme athletes. Usually there is one single lens and a minimal frame so as to make the glasses lightweight and protective.

Since Ray Ban sunglasses are some of the most popular, and are one of the oldest sunglasses brands, they have other distinctive styles of sunglasses. The Ray Ban clubmaster is a cross between aviators and wayfarers. With small trapezoidal lenses and only the wayfarer frame on the top and sides, the wire rims the lenses and makes these glasses an interesting alternative. The Ray Ban caravan is also popular and retains the wire frames all the way around, and the wayfarer lenses. Recently introduced is the Ray Ban folding Wayfarer, which allows the wearer to literally fold the sunglasses so as not to damage them.

It will be interesting to see how sunglasses evolve during the course of this century.

Shop By Us offers a number of brand name discount designer sunglasses including the Ray Ban folding Wayfarer as well as Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses and other celebrity sunglasses.

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Music Promoters Making Money for Internet Music Promotions

Whilst it’s important to be confident, getting high and mighty about how great the music is, when that dodgy vocal music haven’t even mixed, mastered or fixed that makes to look silly period. It should be ensured that everything about the music really lives up to how it is presented online, otherwise the world will take the advice and just walk on by. Sites such as Nimbit, Website Music Player, Reverbnation shop widgets, or other online storefronts too should be tried out which could help drive sales. At the end of the day if there is no ability to purchase from the website or other online touch points, money will be left on the table.

The website should have links to the other entire places one can be found online music promotions. Fans should be able to move seamlessly from one of the spots on the web to another and shouldn’t have to visit multiple sites to figure out what’s up with you. If there is important news, it should be gathered from everywhere. If the music is streaming somewhere that has a widget to put it elsewhere, that widget should be put everywhere, especially where there is a presence.

Promoters who work with mega stars who sell out huge venues can make some serious money. But indie music promoters can easily find themselves working all day, every day, and only getting deeper into debt. Many promoters have a day job that supports their promotion job. For becoming a promoter, one needs a clear understanding of the money involved, and even need to make deals with bands and venues very carefully. For any given show, a promoter's expenses include: Venue rental, Advertising (posters, newspaper/magazine advertisements, etc), Backline rentals, Accommodation for the band, Rider, Payment for the band When setting out for online music promotions, covering too much ground at once is not advisable. Larger artists have specific campaigns that promote specific things, like a new album or a tour. One thing can be chosen to promote, like: a single, a show or a website. Broken and mistyped links are the best way of telling visitors that are too busy to attend to the web presence and sending them elsewhere. They'll probably think that the music has been given up and will move on.

With the promotional goal in mind, the right audience can be figured out for the campaign. If there is a gig coming up, then the right audience for promotion is the local print publications and radio stations in the town in which the show is happening. If there is a limited edition single coming out, the primary audience is the band mailing list, plus the media. Going for the right audience is especially important if being on a budget. I take pleasure in inviting you all to to explore all the fun of music.

Author is an executive with the musicianatlas, to promote your music online. Her hobbies are writing and reading. For the guidelines how to promote your music online visit the website How to promote your music, Music Promoters, online music Promotions

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What Is Rockabilly Music?

What is rockabilly music? I've had to think long and hard to answer that question! Technically, rockabilly is a particularly wild and unrestrained form of music that grew out of the roots of country music and blues music in the early 1950s. It raged strong into the early 60s when it was overshadowed by forms that grew out of it, particularly acts that were part of the British invasion. But the form never really died and it was further defined by a resurgence in the 1980s when elements of punk and jazz were infused into the basic form. It continues to evolve today more than 50 years after it first appeared on the pop scene.

Rockabilly music has undoubtedly influenced virtually every form of rock and roll that has come after it. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and countless other bands and artists site rockabilly music and rockabilly musicians as the most influential force in their development as musicians. Once you become familiar with the sound of rockabilly, you will hear it in many popular songs that you've known and loved for years never realizing from where the roots sprung.

By and large, the original rockabilly musicians remain mostly unknown to most lovers of modern pop music and of those that they do know, they don't really understand their rockabilly roots. For example, Elvis Presley is, as everyone knows, the King of rock and roll. But most people don't really understand where Elvis started: with rockabilly music. In fact, he's considered one of--if not the--inventor of the genre.

Similarly, virtually everyone knows the song "Blue Suede Shoes" and they may know it as an Elvis song. However, the song was written by a rockabilly legend named Carl Perkins who had an even bigger hit with it than Elvis did. Carl never had another big hit and is sometimes shrugged off as a "one-hit wonder" because of the fact. However, what most people miss when they dismiss him like this is the incredible influence Perkins has had on modern rock and roll music. The Beatles' George Harrison idolized Perkins and studied his music intensely. And he was by far not the only one who cites Perkins as a major influence. Perkins' guitar playing has served as the basis of education for countless young guitarists throughout the years.

So, does any of that actually answer the original question? What is rockabilly anyway? Rockabilly is raw excitement. It's unrestrained music created by brash, young musicians who were inventing the rules as they were going along. It's no-holds-barred fun. It makes you dance. It makes you smile. And it makes you want to hear more. To millions of fans throughout the world, it's the perfect form of rock and roll music!

Buster Fayte is an author and rockabilly musician. He has written several books including the Complete Home Music Recording Start Kit. He also maintains the Rockabilly Romp blog at where he writes about the passion he shares with millions of musicians and fans for rockabilly and oldies music. He writes original songs, sings, and plays both guitar and bass.

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Play the music with your soul

The music industry is one of the fastest growing industries all over the world. With the acclivity in entertainment needs of audiences, there has also been a marked improvement in the demand for professionals in this field and thus in the music jobs. Unlike in the past when music was just considered to be a hobby, today, more and more youngsters and professionals are aiming towards building a financially rewarding career in the music industry. Moreover the demand of drummers and female singers are always high in the market.

If you were asked to name your favorite country singer of the women, who would you choose? There is no doubt that we have many great artists to choose from! But all the women who took the quest to become musicians in the country, there is a group that we would consider memorable.

When many musicians and fans think no-nonsense, rock solid play-by-the-drum song, the first name that comes to mind Phil Rudd. He is the damn good drummer, in music industry superb drummer wanted like Phil. The drummer is definitely the heartbeat of any band. Drummer provides the music with a good rhythm background and a steady rhythmic beat/pulse. There are so many music jobs in the growing industries but everyone wants the best one.

Musicians, artists, writers and architects began to look for ways to get rid of the worn conventions of the previous centuries. The progress of science and technology has helped many of these artists, because these improvements have been far-reaching social effects that irreversibly alter the world as we knew it.

The work has not reached a wide audience, but has been widely praised for a living description of pollution, and racism in American culture. Unique poetry and revolutionary blend of minimalist percussion and politically loaded, Scott-Heron is considered a major influence and leader in
the embryonic days of hip-hop. His most famous composition, 1970 The Revolution Will Not Be Televised "(published in his first album," Small Talk at 125 and Lenox, and follow-up, Pieces of a Man), samples of hip-hop and often cited by more.

This is a great opportunity for the right person to join an established el-live. It is specializes in designing, developing, managing and booking groups to perform abroad, particularly the 5-star hotel chains in Asia mostly. Some of the places where we regularly book bands are: The Grand Hyatt, Sheraton, Mandarin Oriental, Crown Plaza, Shangri La Hotels and Resorts, Hilton, etc.

For your Music job, you can redirect to us at this URL:

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The Secret Of Jeff Beck's Guitar Tone

Jeff Beck is probably the most uncompromising rock guitar player - highly unique, versatile, and non-commercial.

He dismisses guitar picks because they are in the way of the true guitar tone, usually doesn't use effects and surprises (and confuses) his listeners with radical changes in stylistic direction. His use of the vibrato bar is unique, his use of tone and volume pots masterful. He often turns down the tone pot altogether and compensates the lack of treble through increased distortion, creating his unique, singing lead tone.

Just with his fingers, vibrato bar and the use of tone and volume pot he can create almost effect-like tones. No other guitarist is so in control of the guitar. Jeff Beck is the master of self-expression.

In terms of equipment Jeff goes through several interesting stages. During his 'Yardbird' days he'd usually rely on early 60's Telecaster models, usually with rosewood fingerboard.

He also used a '52-Mapleneck Tele, modded by Seymour Duncan with Gibson Humbuckers. Around that time Seymour also developed his popular SH-4 Jeff Beck Humbucker.

Then Beck moved on to Gibson Les Pauls to record his legendary Jazzrock albums 'Blow By Blow' and 'Wired'. After meeting Hendrix and his explosive music he contemplates his approach and already on the recordings to 'Wired' he is experimenting with the Fender Stratocaster. This will from now on be his main type of guitar. In the 80's Jeff flirts with a Jackson 'Super-Strat-Style' guitar only to return to Fender, when they launch the 'Strat Plus'. In 1991 Fender comes out with the Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster and in the later updated model Fender slimmed down the super-chunky neck (which many guitarists found unpractical) and put a set of 'noiseless' Pickups in.

Ampwise, Jeff Beck is always straight forward. During his stint with the 'Yardbirds' a Vox AC-30 is the only amp available. But for his own music he wants a louder and more aggressive tone. So he gets his first Marshall Full-stack. Over time, he replaces his Plexi Marshalls with the JCM-2000. From now on he uses a 50-watt top and two 4x12" cabinets to create his colourful tone.

Only twice he uses different equipment: for the movie soundtrack 'Frankie's House' he plays his Strat and Tele into a Digitech GSP-21 Legend direct into the mixing desk.

For 'Crazy Legs', a tribute to his idol Cliff Gallup he uses a '56 Gretsch Duo Jet and several vintage Fender Combos (Tremolux, Tweed Bassman, Concert & 2x12" Cab and Fender Twin) to recreate the typical Gallup sound.

Chris Basener is a guitarist, composer, producer and instructor who plays instrumental groove rock with vibrant melodies that speaks to the cosmopolitan music fan as much as the guitar community.

The graduate of the Munich Guitar Institute (MGI) in Germany did many clinics and demos at tradeshows and fairs across Europe (Germany, Austria, France and Belgium) performing to tens of thousands of people. He has more free articles on his website

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Coheed and Cambria bassist arrested before his band was to open for the newly reunited band Soundgarden.

The bassist of progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria- Michael Todd was arrested Sunday afternoon in Attleboro, Massachusetts before his band was to open for the newly reunited band Soundgarden.

Todd was arrested for armed robbery after allegedly holding up a Walgreens in Attleboro, MA earlier today according to

Police said, Michael Todd entered Walgreens pharmacy-Sunday and showed the staff a note on his phone saying he had a bomb. Todd demanded six bottles of OxyContin before leaving in a taxi cab to the Comcast Centre in Mansfield, Massachusetts where Coheed and Cambria were backstage and about to perform.

Michael Todd was arrested and charged with armed robbery and possession of a class B controlled substance. He is being held at Attleboro Police Department on $10,000 bail.

Jim Morrison's 40th Death Anniversary

Today- July 3 marks the 40th death anniversary of The Doors frontman- Jim Morrison.

The Doors is one of the most successful and influential bands in the world of rock and roll. Jim Morrison died in Paris July 3, 1971 at the age of 27. Morrison was found dead in a bathtub in Paris by his girlfriend Pamela Courson who lived with him.

News about Jim Morrison's death was not made public until after his burial in Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

His death was surrounded by suspicious circumstances and conspiracy theories abound.

Jim Morrison’s bandmates Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger, will mark the 40th anniversary and will perform at the Bataclan Club in Paris today July 3.

Having Very easy Training with an Beginners Guitar

An acoustic guitar is often a wooden instrument that’s shaped like the number eight and has a hole at its middle part. Normally mistaken as a classical guitar, an acoustic guitar is hollow and is composed of six strings produced of steel. These strings, when struck, produce sound.

Sufficient of the slight introduction. That just gave you the notion of what an acoustic guitar looks like and what's its purpose. Enumerated in lessons are actions on how you can play an acoustic guitar successfully without the thought of giving up that very easily.

1. Before beginning, be sure you may have a guitar. Acoustic guitar to be precise. It doesn’t matter if its old or new for so long as its acoustic.

2. Select the very best webpage that can give you with all of the solutions on the how and what of handling a guitar. You will discover tons of sites designed to offer you a great quantity of resources and expertise concerning instruments. Catching up those web-sites can also present absolutely free on line lessons.

three. Have an notion on whom to patronize. Some musicians play for the sake of popularity even though some play for an artist’s sake. Select an individual who plays for excellent music. Artists like John Mayer are most well known on this category. Remind your self that acoustic guitars aren’t exclusively for the mellow ones but for all sort of music.

4. Memorize the physical parts of your guitar. Bear in mind just about every angle and functions built with it. Realize how they generate such sounds and how it turns out bad. You might believe this isn’t vital. But reality is, this is among the most crucial points make sure you bear in mind when handling and playing an acoustic guitar.

five. Learn the basic chords very first. Aside from that, discover the distinct approaches to play those chords. Example, C has more than 6 several hand positions. This may add more flexibility on your hands when moving from 1 fret to yet another.

6. Master your chords by not searching at them every single once in a although. Practice the muscles of your hand while talking to someone or listening to the radio. The purpose of multitasking would be to allow you to steer clear of looking far more typically on your hands though playing. This is really a fantastic strategy for less complicated retention of the diverse chords and to make your hands familiarize itself with the different frets.

7. Practice at least 5 days a week for no less than two to 3 hours. If you’re genuinely itching to be on the pedestal, understand to be patient. Everyone has to begin somewhere. And that somewhere is from the very simple. Apart from that, practicing everyday entails correct body mechanics. Meaning you need to learn to position your body in a manner that won’t strain your muscles and body parts.

8. Develop up those callous on the tip of your fingers. This is painful, quite. But as you go on with your lesson you’ll realize that calluses are with beneficial use. Calluses make your fingers numb. Thus, producing it simpler for you to play.

9. Upon understanding the uncomplicated part, put extra effort on learning the hard parts of the chords. Barre chords are deemed essentially the most difficult component of playing an acoustic guitar. Most beginners skip it. Word of suggestions, don’t.

10. Rest. Don’t exhaust your self should you can no longer go on. Do it the next day. Remember, studying doesn’t have to be an obligation but a appropriate. It has to be slow but accurate.

Links: Learning Guitar ChordsLearning Guitar

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Wolfgang at the Met

Wolfgang will be having a Major concert this year at the Met. Wolfgang's Frontman Basti Artadi returned to the Philippines and now, the famous and legendary Filipino Rock Band Wolfgang announced its first Major concert this year. The much-awaited concert will be held at the historic Metropolitan Theater, Manila, Philippines on Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 8pm.

This event is also part of the official celebrations of the 440th year of the City of Manila. I'm pretty sure that this is going to be a momentous and memorable event.


Ticketworld Event Page:

Ticket inquiries can be made at TicketWorld, tel 891-9999 or the Wolfgang Hotlines 0915-6212189 and 0949-7917228.

Pink Floyd T Shirts Make Perfect Gifts For Your Best Friends

Pink Floyd T Shirts make perfect gifts for your best friends. Pink Floyd is a four member English rock band who rose to popularity in the 1960s when they first played in London's underground music scene. The band was founded in 1965 by university students Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Syd Barrett and Richard Wright. They were joined later by David Gilmour in 1968.

Barrett soon left the group but the rest together achieved worldwide success with numbers like "Wish You Were Here", "The Dark Side of the Moon", "The Wall", and "Animals". Together they made the perfect group whose t shirts became a popular gift for one's best friends.

They were one of the most successful and influential psychedelic rock music groups, having sold over 200 million albums worldwide. In 1996 on January 17th, Pink Floyd performed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Later again in 2005, November 16th they were invited to play in the Music Hall of Fame, United Kingdom. Gifting their ts with such front displays only proves one's loyalty to this famous band.

Though they discontinued in their original group form, Mason and Gilmour continued together with Wright. Soon their t shirts with emblems of their faces, names of songs and places of performances flooded the market and made for excellent gifts for fans and friends.

Their t shirts come as band t shirts, rock t shirts and music t shirts in various colors. They cater to all sizes from small to extra large; they come hooded and plain; and also in half and full sleeves. The choice is aplenty.

The best thing about sporting and giving such t shirts to one's best friends is that your taste for rock music and numbers is openly flaunted. Gifting such t shirts to friends makes for cool gifts as it further emphasizes your musical tastes and the band you admire and adore the most. So not only do you love to wear the ts but you also want to see your friends wear the ts.

The resident band at the Countdown Club in London was Pink Floyd, who played three sets of 90 minutes from late night until early morning. For the band this was a realization that it was possible to extend songs with lengthy solos. Such was the performance of this band that their t shirts were counted amongst the perfect gifts for one's best friends.

Like most bands, members had their differences and disagreements, falling apart; but by the turn of the 21st century they gave the performance of a lifetime in support of peace between Israel and Palestine. This is something worth a fan's loyalty.

By sporting Pink Floyd Band t shirts you show your distinct preference for the most raved about Rock Music Band of the times and their numbers. Gifting Pink Floyd Band t shirts not only gives you great pleasure but you are sure that your friends too appreciate sporting the Pink Floyd Band banner.

Best Pink Floyd t shirts are available at! Moreover, there are tones of quality band hoodies for you to check.

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The Social Media for Independent Musicians

It is actually fairly easy to get thousands of Facebook likes, Twitter followers etc. in a very short space of time. I wouldn't recommend it though. After all, if the ultimate aim is to find people that actually like your music, finding thousands of people who aren't even vaguely interested is totally pointless. The only justification I can see, is that it makes you look 'bigger', perhaps fooling people into believing that they are following the wisdom of the crowd by supporting you. In my opinion though, a steady approach works best; networking and building genuine relationships. This strategy demands more of an investment of your time - but don't most things worth doing?

Perhaps counter-intuitively, I would suggest starting by building a network of fellow musicians on video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Musicians Together. MT is the better option, because it not only provides the community, but also actively seek out ways to promote its members' music. The reason I recommend video-sharing, rather than just audio-sharing, is that people are many times more likely to listen to music on the internet if they have something to look at too. The web is mainly a visual medium - and you need to provide something to grab a casual browser's interest.

The harsh reality is that the overwhelming majority of people browsing the internet for music don't even consider seeking out the work of indie musicians. It has to be stuck right under their noses, with big flashing lights and sirens wailing. This is where your network of peers comes into play. If you have gone about it the right way (taking a genuine interest in other people's music) you will be part of a community of individuals who champion each other's cause. For example, if I have a good relationship with a fellow musician and they bring out a great song, I will share it on my Facebook page and maybe Tweet about it too, for good measure. Between my Facebook friends and Twitter followers alone, I have over 2,000 contacts. That's 2,000 potential fans just from my sharing activity - others in your network may well be doing it too. That's why I would start by building a genuine network of mutually beneficial relationships.

From this point on it all comes down to the quality of your music. If it is just slightly better than average, the song might make it to your contacts' contacts before it loses momentum. If it is exceptional, it has the possibility of 'going viral' - that is, carrying on through other people's contacts, growing exponentially in reach, like the branches of a family tree with each generation.

Because I have a website, I can see where all of my visitors arrive at the site from - so I can confidently report that Facebook brings me the highest number of new people by a wide margin. Twitter brings a few - but I wouldn't bother investing much time into it. The rest, like MySpace and ReverbNation have barely registered.

So in summary, my advice would be to concentrate on:

1. A video sharing website

2. Facebook - have a personal profile and a fan page, so you can get friends and 'likes.'

Unless you've got loads of time to spare, give the rest a miss.

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Learn Guitar Scales

When you were a kid and your papa made you take piano lessons, chances are you groaned and groaned every week about having to practice your scales. Its not even music, you might have fenced, and inquired why in the world your nasty instructor was telling you to go over and over those horrific notes . All you wanted to do was educate yourself on to play songs, isn't that why you started up at all? It could be you then decided to change to a cooler instrument , like the guitar. Dont get too surprised when you notice you will then be recommended to learn guitar scales as well. More than only an awful torture, understanding scales is an really important part of becoming a quality musician. Here are some of the reasons why :.

A scale is a range of musical notes that delegates a certain key that a piece of music is set in. Basically , it is the playing field you step into as you get to play. If you can understand and be familiar with a number of different scales on the guitar, not only will you develop the dexterity and smoothness that youll ultimately want to be able to have, but you will also accomplish a magnificent advantage in being able to do things like compose, make solos, and work with other musicians.

If you are not very familiar with music, don't precisely write scales off as some kind of busywork, eventhough it can be used for that as well. There are more scales than you think, not only are there those kinds of standard scales, like the one hence cheerfully used in the Sound of Music, but there are other scales that will interest you, depending on the genre of music you are interested in. There are blues scales that can be moved all along the neck of the guitar. There are pentatonic scales that can be used in almost every song , yielding you a fantastic secret of making straightforward but good quality solos. There are jazz musical scales, and blue grass runs, and all kinds of things that can hardly be numbered or ranked . But all of them are valuable to you as a guitar player, and as you educate yourself on guitar scales, your abilities will begin to skyrocket.

Therefore trust your teacher. Take out those scales, and get educated on them until you can play them in the dark. This is not just some insane game plan. This is what all music is built upon, and committing is a privilege. Educate yourself on guitar scales, and then use them, to be able to portray just the kind of passion you have for music in your soul.

If you want to learn how to play the guitar for beginners just learn guitar scales first.

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Musicians Social Network - Expand Your Music Career Possibilities

Every creative person goes through ups and downs in his or her career that is caused when their inspiration comes to a standstill. You too might have encountered this unfortunate problem on more than one occasion. The best way to counter this is to join a musicians social network so that you continue to receive the creative impulses you need. This will help you in more ways than one and it will certainly present you with a great many lucrative career options than you currently have.

People who share common interests like to spend time together and this is particularly evident in the case of creative people such as musicians. These meetings have a great role to play in shaping a musician’s style because it exposes him or her to a huge range of musical trends and ideas. Your musical style and therefore your career will therefore benefit greatly if you are in regular contact with other musicians who are all members of a musicians network. A free social network for musicians can have a great impact on your career.

You can easily find a good free social network for musicians where you can get all the creative impetus you require. You will actually get a lot more benefits from joining an online musicians network. To begin with, you will be at the forefront of music industry trends. You will also gain many contacts in the industry. Most musicians sites also have a section on musicians classifieds where you can place advertisements in order to find musicians to work with.

There are more ways in which websites for social networking for musicians can increase the career options open to you. While you can undoubtedly use the musicians classifieds section to place advertisements looking for opportunities, you should also realize that many potential clients also peruse these advertisements when they want musicians for hire. As a matter of fact, you should ensure that you are listed on all the popular music websites so that you get plenty of bookings.

You can also build your image in the music community by being an active member on various online forums. There are many websites for social networking for musicians which have extremely active forums and which will help give you a voice in the music community. You could also post audio and video clips of your music so that people get to know and understand what you are doing. You certainly need to meet with as many musicians as possible because this is the best way to further your career as well as your growth as a musician.

One thing you should always keep in mind is that potential customers will most likely go to the internet in order to find out more about you before they give you a booking. Make sure that you have adequate presence on the internet and that customers get a good impression of you. A free social network for musicians is a great way to achieve this.

There is no reason for you to not rely on online social networking for musicians because it is absolutely free. Not only will these sites give you the opportunity to spend time with like minded people but they will also help improve your career tremendously. Musicians from all over the world are joining these websites because of the obvious advantages they offer. You too should do the same in order to watch your career take off. The consequences of not doing so and staying aloof from the rest of the music fraternity might be too much for your career to handle.

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Guitar Notes for Beginners

A class in college begins the first day by giving you an shortened inclination of things youll need to know in order to be successful in the course for the entire semester. Learning the guitar is not too different. In order to be successful in becoming the kind of instrumentalist you have always dreamt of, it is important to look at some of the notes youll need to know so that you dont feel lost further on down the road. In this clause, we have readied some of the most important guitar notes for novices , from beginning crowns to the actual notes you will see and be using in your seeing process .

First musical note of the day : find a full legal document that you can feel comfortable playing. Remember that playing the guitar will command the building up of callouses on the fingers of your left hand, as well as becoming practised at co-ordinating the two of your handwritings that will be doing two very different things. If you have a good-quality official document that is suitable to your size, expressive style, and form, you will be much happier getting begun on learning to play the guitar.

Another of the guitar observes for tyros is the advice to just keep going. It may certainly seem boring at first, instructing about the parts of the guitar, or how to hold it, and them moving on to what seem like terrene things. You want to play! But if you want to be able to play anything recognizable, plainly keep going. It will get better.

Some of the literal notes on the guitar you will want to become familiar with are the ones located on the outer four drawstrings of the guitar. The largest strings , located on the guitar closest to your side, are the strings that broadly speaking determine the bass part musical notes of the chords you will play. If you can become familiar with them, you will be able to find almost any chord on the guitar, as you begin to learn more complex patterns and movable chord structures . The smallest two strings , located closer to the ground, are the strings upon which you will find the best place to play or get wind tonal pattern. By knowing these notes , and learning how to read the notated music, youll be able to plunk out something recognizable and smooth, and, if you are planning on checking how to do solo guitar, these strings will be some of your best quakers.

There are many tones found on the guitar, and other guitar notes for initiates that will be important to keep in mind. However, just get started, keep going, and take it step by step. Youll get through knowing you really instructed something, and, just like in college, be able to look back, and know you got the best level you could have.

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What's in store with Android 3.0

Android is probably the most popular operating system available to tablets. Android tablets are already taking over the market, even if the iPad is still the king of the hill for now. 2011 is expected to be the year that tablet sales will really take off and it is not a coincidence that Google is aiming to launch Android 3.0 early this year. The latest version of the mobile operating system dubbed the Honeycomb will soon be the system that powers every capacitive Android tablet in the market.

But what is it about Android 3.0 that Android tablet buyers are looking forward to? Google has released a sneak preview of the operating system in action but all the details and features about Android 3.0 will only be released upon its launch.

The Android 3.0 Honeycomb was designed from the ground up to be used for tablets. If rumors are believed, only tablets with at least 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM would be able to maximize the potential of the new version of Android. The fact that the Honeycomb will feature a refined user interface with a 3D makeover means capacitive Android tablets with plenty of processing power and RAM would soon be available to consumers the world over.

Multi-tasking with the tabbed browsing feature is probably going to be one of the most welcomed fixtures for the Honeycomb. Apart from that, the developers also announced that the browser would also have an auto-fill feature. It can also be synched with Google Chrome and private browsing is also a feature.

For avid readers, the snazzy video preview released by Google also showed that Google Books would be easily accessible from any tablet using the Android 3.0 system. This means that if you need to catch up on your reading, you would have literally millions of books to choose from.

People who use Gmail are also in for a treat as the developers of the Honeycomb designed the display of Gmail just for tablets. The same thing also applies for YouTube viewers. The YouTube browsing feature on a tablet using Android 3.0 will be a whole new experience thanks to the redesign. The interface for other Google services like Google Maps and Google Talk are also redesigned for the latest version of Android. And yes, it is also rumored that it would allow music synching.

Excited yet? You will have to wait though as there is no concrete release date for the Honeycomb. After its release, you might also have to wait for tablet manufacturers to release capacitive tablets with the Android 3.0 installed.

In this article Jonathon Blocker writes about android tablets

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Guitar Tabs for Beginners - Get All the Answers

Guitar music is often disseminated in two common formats. The traditional method of guitar notation and the second method is tablature or tab as it is more commonly known.

We will be digging into guitar tabs for beginners rather than looking into notation. I am not going to discouraging you from learning notation any knowledge will be helpful. I just feel that there is no longer a to learn this traditional method of note reading any longer.

As a guitar player I think that guitar tab is one of the greatest things ever created. You can't get any simpler than tab when you are trying to learn a song, lead or chord progression. It says put your finger here and you do just that and you are playing a song. It really doesn't get much easier than that.

Before we go much farther I want to give you a word of caution. Tablature will make your life easier as a player that is true but because of this point and do nature tab may leave a bit of a knowledge void. What I mean by this is that because you are being told where to put your finger you will not take the time to learn the notes you are working with. That I would recommend you try to avoid. Spend the time and work at knowing the notes don't just put finger on a fret because it said so. You will need to have some understanding of guitar theory.

So what is tablature? Well I sort of gave it away however I will try to explain it as detailed as I can.

Basically Guitar tablature is a diagram or map of the guitar fretboard with visual instructions showing you where to place your fingers to make the notes needed for the song you are playing. What you will see in a typical tap notation is either a complete fret board or a small section of the fretboard. On this diagram of the fretboard your will often see a mark of some kind on one or more of the string. These marks are there to represent where you should be placing your fingers to make the needed notes for the song you are working on.

In the below very rough diagram the X's mark the notes you would play had this been a tab notation.






Now this diagram is a very simple one however it demonstrates effectively what you will see when using tablature. Bear in mind you can have marks other than an X you may see marks such as dots, numbers and more.

This is a look at guitar tabs for beginners I would recommend that you work with this as often as you can just please as I said please do not neglect learning the notes.

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American Idol Season 10

American Idol Season 10 : Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler join the panel as new American Idol judges next to the the exit of Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres and Kara DioGuardi.

The new line-up was announced by American Idol host Ryan Seacrest at a press conference in Los Angeles. "This is American Idol, Seacrest said with the three judges live on stage. “Your new team on Idol."

American Idol Season 10 new judges will be Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. The release of these three American Idol judges was no surprise to the fans since there’s been a lot of guess and speculations about Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson going to be Season 10’s judges for months now. Its just Randy Jackson left and will remain as original judge and though saying farewell to fellow judges-Simon Cowell and Kara DioGuardi, the show must go on.