Rockstar Movie Trailer

Rockstar trailer is finally released with Ranbir Kapoor, late actor Shammi Kapoor and Nagris Fakhri as lead roles. The Movie is directed by Imtiaz Ali and Produced by Dhillin Mehta.
Music For the Movie is composed by award winning composer AR Rahman.

Rockstar will also be late actor Shammi Kapoor’s last appearance on the big screen. The official trailer launched by Eros International is amazing and it shows the short idealization about the movie. The movie twist and reflects to Jordan, a young musician with potential, who is a little awkward.

The Movie will be released on 11-11-11.

Different Types of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a fashion staple and likely will be for a long time. But they serve as more than just a fashion accessory - they protect the eyes form UV light. That's why it's important to understand all the different styles out there. Let's get started.

Ray Ban aviators were first developed in 1936 for military pilots. Since then, their popularity has spread widely. With a thin metal frame and oversized teardrop lens, they are often mirrored or come in different lens colors.

Teashades are the sunglasses popularized by John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne. They are small circular lenses set in thin wire frames. They became popular in the psychedelic circles of the '60s counterculture and although they aren't as popular anymore, they remain a preferred style of celebrity sunglasses. The Ray Ban Wayfarer is another classic style of sunglasses. These plastic-framed, trapezoidal lensed glasses are wider at the top than the bottom and when they were introduced in the early '50s, quickly became James Dean's signature style. Usually black or brown, Ray Ban wayfarers can also come in a calico or turtle-shell print.

Oversized sunglasses were very fashionable in the '80s and recently have experienced a resurgence. Onassis glasses, otherwise known as Jackie Os, are typically women's sunglasses, but have been seen as male celebrity sunglasses too. Because these glasses cover more skin, they are better for protecting against sunburn.

Mirrored sunglasses are the best sunglasses for seeing faint contrasts. They are favored buy skiers and snowboarders especially and come in a variety of colors with a plastic frame. Wraparounds are often confused with these sunglasses because they are both favored by extreme athletes. Usually there is one single lens and a minimal frame so as to make the glasses lightweight and protective.

Since Ray Ban sunglasses are some of the most popular, and are one of the oldest sunglasses brands, they have other distinctive styles of sunglasses. The Ray Ban clubmaster is a cross between aviators and wayfarers. With small trapezoidal lenses and only the wayfarer frame on the top and sides, the wire rims the lenses and makes these glasses an interesting alternative. The Ray Ban caravan is also popular and retains the wire frames all the way around, and the wayfarer lenses. Recently introduced is the Ray Ban folding Wayfarer, which allows the wearer to literally fold the sunglasses so as not to damage them.

It will be interesting to see how sunglasses evolve during the course of this century.

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Music Promoters Making Money for Internet Music Promotions

Whilst it’s important to be confident, getting high and mighty about how great the music is, when that dodgy vocal music haven’t even mixed, mastered or fixed that makes to look silly period. It should be ensured that everything about the music really lives up to how it is presented online, otherwise the world will take the advice and just walk on by. Sites such as Nimbit, Website Music Player, Reverbnation shop widgets, or other online storefronts too should be tried out which could help drive sales. At the end of the day if there is no ability to purchase from the website or other online touch points, money will be left on the table.

The website should have links to the other entire places one can be found online music promotions. Fans should be able to move seamlessly from one of the spots on the web to another and shouldn’t have to visit multiple sites to figure out what’s up with you. If there is important news, it should be gathered from everywhere. If the music is streaming somewhere that has a widget to put it elsewhere, that widget should be put everywhere, especially where there is a presence.

Promoters who work with mega stars who sell out huge venues can make some serious money. But indie music promoters can easily find themselves working all day, every day, and only getting deeper into debt. Many promoters have a day job that supports their promotion job. For becoming a promoter, one needs a clear understanding of the money involved, and even need to make deals with bands and venues very carefully. For any given show, a promoter's expenses include: Venue rental, Advertising (posters, newspaper/magazine advertisements, etc), Backline rentals, Accommodation for the band, Rider, Payment for the band When setting out for online music promotions, covering too much ground at once is not advisable. Larger artists have specific campaigns that promote specific things, like a new album or a tour. One thing can be chosen to promote, like: a single, a show or a website. Broken and mistyped links are the best way of telling visitors that are too busy to attend to the web presence and sending them elsewhere. They'll probably think that the music has been given up and will move on.

With the promotional goal in mind, the right audience can be figured out for the campaign. If there is a gig coming up, then the right audience for promotion is the local print publications and radio stations in the town in which the show is happening. If there is a limited edition single coming out, the primary audience is the band mailing list, plus the media. Going for the right audience is especially important if being on a budget. I take pleasure in inviting you all to to explore all the fun of music.

Author is an executive with the musicianatlas, to promote your music online. Her hobbies are writing and reading. For the guidelines how to promote your music online visit the website How to promote your music, Music Promoters, online music Promotions

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What Is Rockabilly Music?

What is rockabilly music? I've had to think long and hard to answer that question! Technically, rockabilly is a particularly wild and unrestrained form of music that grew out of the roots of country music and blues music in the early 1950s. It raged strong into the early 60s when it was overshadowed by forms that grew out of it, particularly acts that were part of the British invasion. But the form never really died and it was further defined by a resurgence in the 1980s when elements of punk and jazz were infused into the basic form. It continues to evolve today more than 50 years after it first appeared on the pop scene.

Rockabilly music has undoubtedly influenced virtually every form of rock and roll that has come after it. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and countless other bands and artists site rockabilly music and rockabilly musicians as the most influential force in their development as musicians. Once you become familiar with the sound of rockabilly, you will hear it in many popular songs that you've known and loved for years never realizing from where the roots sprung.

By and large, the original rockabilly musicians remain mostly unknown to most lovers of modern pop music and of those that they do know, they don't really understand their rockabilly roots. For example, Elvis Presley is, as everyone knows, the King of rock and roll. But most people don't really understand where Elvis started: with rockabilly music. In fact, he's considered one of--if not the--inventor of the genre.

Similarly, virtually everyone knows the song "Blue Suede Shoes" and they may know it as an Elvis song. However, the song was written by a rockabilly legend named Carl Perkins who had an even bigger hit with it than Elvis did. Carl never had another big hit and is sometimes shrugged off as a "one-hit wonder" because of the fact. However, what most people miss when they dismiss him like this is the incredible influence Perkins has had on modern rock and roll music. The Beatles' George Harrison idolized Perkins and studied his music intensely. And he was by far not the only one who cites Perkins as a major influence. Perkins' guitar playing has served as the basis of education for countless young guitarists throughout the years.

So, does any of that actually answer the original question? What is rockabilly anyway? Rockabilly is raw excitement. It's unrestrained music created by brash, young musicians who were inventing the rules as they were going along. It's no-holds-barred fun. It makes you dance. It makes you smile. And it makes you want to hear more. To millions of fans throughout the world, it's the perfect form of rock and roll music!

Buster Fayte is an author and rockabilly musician. He has written several books including the Complete Home Music Recording Start Kit. He also maintains the Rockabilly Romp blog at where he writes about the passion he shares with millions of musicians and fans for rockabilly and oldies music. He writes original songs, sings, and plays both guitar and bass.

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Play the music with your soul

The music industry is one of the fastest growing industries all over the world. With the acclivity in entertainment needs of audiences, there has also been a marked improvement in the demand for professionals in this field and thus in the music jobs. Unlike in the past when music was just considered to be a hobby, today, more and more youngsters and professionals are aiming towards building a financially rewarding career in the music industry. Moreover the demand of drummers and female singers are always high in the market.

If you were asked to name your favorite country singer of the women, who would you choose? There is no doubt that we have many great artists to choose from! But all the women who took the quest to become musicians in the country, there is a group that we would consider memorable.

When many musicians and fans think no-nonsense, rock solid play-by-the-drum song, the first name that comes to mind Phil Rudd. He is the damn good drummer, in music industry superb drummer wanted like Phil. The drummer is definitely the heartbeat of any band. Drummer provides the music with a good rhythm background and a steady rhythmic beat/pulse. There are so many music jobs in the growing industries but everyone wants the best one.

Musicians, artists, writers and architects began to look for ways to get rid of the worn conventions of the previous centuries. The progress of science and technology has helped many of these artists, because these improvements have been far-reaching social effects that irreversibly alter the world as we knew it.

The work has not reached a wide audience, but has been widely praised for a living description of pollution, and racism in American culture. Unique poetry and revolutionary blend of minimalist percussion and politically loaded, Scott-Heron is considered a major influence and leader in
the embryonic days of hip-hop. His most famous composition, 1970 The Revolution Will Not Be Televised "(published in his first album," Small Talk at 125 and Lenox, and follow-up, Pieces of a Man), samples of hip-hop and often cited by more.

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The Secret Of Jeff Beck's Guitar Tone

Jeff Beck is probably the most uncompromising rock guitar player - highly unique, versatile, and non-commercial.

He dismisses guitar picks because they are in the way of the true guitar tone, usually doesn't use effects and surprises (and confuses) his listeners with radical changes in stylistic direction. His use of the vibrato bar is unique, his use of tone and volume pots masterful. He often turns down the tone pot altogether and compensates the lack of treble through increased distortion, creating his unique, singing lead tone.

Just with his fingers, vibrato bar and the use of tone and volume pot he can create almost effect-like tones. No other guitarist is so in control of the guitar. Jeff Beck is the master of self-expression.

In terms of equipment Jeff goes through several interesting stages. During his 'Yardbird' days he'd usually rely on early 60's Telecaster models, usually with rosewood fingerboard.

He also used a '52-Mapleneck Tele, modded by Seymour Duncan with Gibson Humbuckers. Around that time Seymour also developed his popular SH-4 Jeff Beck Humbucker.

Then Beck moved on to Gibson Les Pauls to record his legendary Jazzrock albums 'Blow By Blow' and 'Wired'. After meeting Hendrix and his explosive music he contemplates his approach and already on the recordings to 'Wired' he is experimenting with the Fender Stratocaster. This will from now on be his main type of guitar. In the 80's Jeff flirts with a Jackson 'Super-Strat-Style' guitar only to return to Fender, when they launch the 'Strat Plus'. In 1991 Fender comes out with the Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster and in the later updated model Fender slimmed down the super-chunky neck (which many guitarists found unpractical) and put a set of 'noiseless' Pickups in.

Ampwise, Jeff Beck is always straight forward. During his stint with the 'Yardbirds' a Vox AC-30 is the only amp available. But for his own music he wants a louder and more aggressive tone. So he gets his first Marshall Full-stack. Over time, he replaces his Plexi Marshalls with the JCM-2000. From now on he uses a 50-watt top and two 4x12" cabinets to create his colourful tone.

Only twice he uses different equipment: for the movie soundtrack 'Frankie's House' he plays his Strat and Tele into a Digitech GSP-21 Legend direct into the mixing desk.

For 'Crazy Legs', a tribute to his idol Cliff Gallup he uses a '56 Gretsch Duo Jet and several vintage Fender Combos (Tremolux, Tweed Bassman, Concert & 2x12" Cab and Fender Twin) to recreate the typical Gallup sound.

Chris Basener is a guitarist, composer, producer and instructor who plays instrumental groove rock with vibrant melodies that speaks to the cosmopolitan music fan as much as the guitar community.

The graduate of the Munich Guitar Institute (MGI) in Germany did many clinics and demos at tradeshows and fairs across Europe (Germany, Austria, France and Belgium) performing to tens of thousands of people. He has more free articles on his website

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