Guitar Tabs for Beginners - Get All the Answers

Guitar music is often disseminated in two common formats. The traditional method of guitar notation and the second method is tablature or tab as it is more commonly known.

We will be digging into guitar tabs for beginners rather than looking into notation. I am not going to discouraging you from learning notation any knowledge will be helpful. I just feel that there is no longer a to learn this traditional method of note reading any longer.

As a guitar player I think that guitar tab is one of the greatest things ever created. You can't get any simpler than tab when you are trying to learn a song, lead or chord progression. It says put your finger here and you do just that and you are playing a song. It really doesn't get much easier than that.

Before we go much farther I want to give you a word of caution. Tablature will make your life easier as a player that is true but because of this point and do nature tab may leave a bit of a knowledge void. What I mean by this is that because you are being told where to put your finger you will not take the time to learn the notes you are working with. That I would recommend you try to avoid. Spend the time and work at knowing the notes don't just put finger on a fret because it said so. You will need to have some understanding of guitar theory.

So what is tablature? Well I sort of gave it away however I will try to explain it as detailed as I can.

Basically Guitar tablature is a diagram or map of the guitar fretboard with visual instructions showing you where to place your fingers to make the notes needed for the song you are playing. What you will see in a typical tap notation is either a complete fret board or a small section of the fretboard. On this diagram of the fretboard your will often see a mark of some kind on one or more of the string. These marks are there to represent where you should be placing your fingers to make the needed notes for the song you are working on.

In the below very rough diagram the X's mark the notes you would play had this been a tab notation.






Now this diagram is a very simple one however it demonstrates effectively what you will see when using tablature. Bear in mind you can have marks other than an X you may see marks such as dots, numbers and more.

This is a look at guitar tabs for beginners I would recommend that you work with this as often as you can just please as I said please do not neglect learning the notes.

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