Rolling Stones Is a Rock and Roll Band

Rolling Stone is a British Rock & Roll band that started in 1962 in London. The group comprised Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts. The band is now on its 50th year in Rock and Roll. To date, the band has produced 92 singles, 29 studio albums, 10 live performances, and still counting. Of the original lineup, only Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Charlie Watts remained. The band stays active until today. The group does concert tours, and continuously reviving past hit songs with Ronnie Wood and Darryl Jones in the lineup.

The Rolling Stones band sounds are certified timeless, popular still across five generations of fans worldwide. Their song entitled I Can't Get No Satisfaction was an international sensation in mid '60's. Today, it is still being enjoyed by fans around the world regardless of age. The band sold more than 200 million albums worldwide and was consistently on the top of U.S. and U.K. Billboards from 1960, 1970, 1980 and in 1989; the band was officially installed to the American Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

In 2002, the band made it again to the top with its album entitled Forty Licks at No 2 in the Chart. The album includes their old songs. Having reached the top 2 is a proof of Rolling Stones band's classic musical artistry that is recognized by millions of fans around the world. The band is number 4 in the list of 100 Greatest Artist of All Time by the Rolling Stone's Magazine. In 2004, UK installed them to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They have also the Grammy's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Rolling Stones band's big tour from August 2005 to August 2007 sold over 4,500, 000 tickets, earning them a gross of $550,000,000. On 2010, In Exiles on Main St. reclaimed its position as top 1 in UK Billboard after almost 38 years.

Recognized the best band's songs are: I Can't Get No Satisfaction, Jumping Jack Flash, Brown Sugar, It's All Over Now, Give Me Shelter, Angie, Start Me Up, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Paint it Black. The list is not in particular order.

Their top albums are: Aftermath, Between Buttons, Sticky Fingers, Exiles on Main St., Emotional Rescue, Goats Head Soup, It's Only Rock & Roll, Some Girls, Steel Wheels, Dirty Work, Forty Licks, and live album, Live Licks.

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Music And Technology

Music and technology go hand in hand and music couldn't evolve in time if it weren't for new discoveries in technology. Who would have thought in the '80s that such a small device called iPod could store and play an entire collection of albums?

Well, maybe Steve Jobs did. Until his adorable "baby" hit the music stores, music could only be heard on the radio, television, Internet or tape recorders. The impact the iPod had on music is similar to the talking pictures, which emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, leaving many movie-house orchestra musicians unemployed. Nowadays, nobody produces tape recorders, nor tapes. We produce and buy only CDs, DVDs and vinyl and most of the music shopping is done online, on specialized music stores such as iTunes. Hardware and software manufacturers, the conglomerates in the music business, as well as producers and distributors are all affected by tech advancements as new technologies can substitute existing music technologies, either causing a shift in power or bringing a considerable profit.

In fact, no recording session, set or personal performance is complete without a combination of mixers, instruments, recorders, speakers and so on. Thanks to this intelligent innovations, new musical styles emerged, such as electronic music, while new instruments made new sounds possible. For instance, the acoustic guitar evolved into electric guitar, which uses pickups. Tech spread its influence with the appearance of electric violins, bass electric and new ways of cutting wood so that instruments could be more resonant.

Besides, music is no longer made by hand, writing on a piece of paper the musical notes and the lyrics. Songwriters use computers and keyboards that can be programmed to produce and play MIDI (Musical Instrument Interface). This means that songs can be created electronically and sequenced, because the computer can memorize the notes of a song and play them back just as they were input. Any musician can afford to have a MIDI and create studio-quality recordings in the comfort of his home.

However, the fast and furious development of technology has a major disadvantage: producers can now replace musicians with canned sounds, which made possible the rise of hip-hop and rap, but also bringing many copyright infringement lawsuits.

In addition, people are no longer either listener or singer. Individuals can interact and become singers. Karaoke devices are now equipped with video screens that show lyrics to songs being performed and Japanese researchers are still studying this device to improve it.

Furthermore, music and technology are all about accessibility. People want to have quick and easy access to everything that's new, to search a song not only by its title but by audio fingerprints, and to upload. That's why, Internet service providers and cable companies are trying to put massive catalogs of music and videos on-demand. Mobile networks provide Americans the chance to listen and download music at an amazing speed thanks to the Long Term Evolution network. Streaming music subscriptions services, which allow people listen to millions of songs from an online cloud are just at the beginning. Technology is always in continuous change and its fast transformations drag new possibilities in music as well.

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'Bayou Billionaires' Star Blows Wad on Hairpiece

George Washington had one ... so did Frank Sinatra ... and now TMZ has learned the bald rich guy from "Bayou Billionaires" is also sporting a brand new skull rug.

It's just the latest purchase in a tidal wave of spending ... ever since Gerald Dowden and his family became overnight rich folk when a drilling company asked to drop four natural gas wells on their Louisiana property.

Family members tell us ... the wig purchase was a product of peer pressure from Gerald's kids ... who thought he'd look better with some fur on his melon.

TMZ spoke to Gerald’s wife Kitten Dowden who says she's NOT a fan of the new fake 'do ... telling us, "He wore it out to eat the other night at our favorite steakhouse and the waiter who always serves us thought I was there with another man!"

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Metallica Announce First-Ever Orion Music Fest

Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse, Gaslight Anthem among other acts on June festival lineup.

They've headlined stadiums around the world and made an incredibly polarizing album with punk grandfather Lou Reed. So what's left for Metallica to do to cap off a stellar year? How about launch their own summer festival with a lineup that includes some of their favorite bands?

On Tuesday (February 7), the group announced the debut of the Orion Music + More fest, described as an annual "music, arts and lifestyle" gathering that will feature multiple stages and take place June 23-24 at Bader Field in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

In addition to headlining sets from Metallica each day — during which they will play The Black Album one night and Ride the Lightning the other in their only North American performances of those classic releases in 2012 — the festival will also feature sets from: Arctic Monkeys, Avenged Sevenfold, Modest Mouse, the Gaslight Anthem, Cage the Elephant, F---ed Up, Best Coast, Hot Snakes, Titus Andronicus, Gary Clark Jr., Lucero, Roky Erickson, the Black Angels, the Sword and Liturgy. More bands will be announced in the coming weeks.

"We've had the idea of doing our own lifestyle festival with lots of diverse music and fun and games for years," drummer Lars Ulrich said in a press release announcing the event. "Finally this year all the practical ducks lined up in a row, and we are beyond psyched to bring Orion to our fans, friends and the curious. After the most incredible of weeks ever in December 2011 celebrating our 30th anniversary at the Fillmore in San Francisco, CA, bringing the spirit of that week, the looseness of that week, the possibilities of that week, the fan interactive elements of that week, and the (fill in your own blank here) of that week to a festival setting is so exciting we can hardly contain ourselves."

Pre-sale tickets for the Metallica fan club start Wednesday at 10 a.m. ET, with the public on-sale slated to begin Saturday. Tickets are $150 for two-day passes for the public and $125 for fan-club members. Head to for details.


Marshall Guitar Amp Models

Marshall guitar amplifiers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate guitarists of every skill level across the spectrum. From enthusiastic beginners eager to annoy their parents while they crank up the volume in their bedrooms to bona fide world wide rock stars who tour the globe and require a precise sound to fit their playing styles. Marshall guitar amplifiers were first made back in 1962 by Jim Marshall in London, England. The original amplifiers were called the JTM45 models. This model endured over the next few years, but with alterations to its character as time went on. Changes came in the way of logo size and placement, colors, to shapes and on to twin speaker outputs. In 1966 the JTM45 changed to the JTM50 and 100 watt production became standardized. The changes kept coming and the legend of Marshall amplifiers continued to grow with endorsements by some of the worlds largest rock stars including Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Eric Clapton. With such a stellar wealth of stars supporting Marshall amps the company needed to expand often to meet the demands of such a world renown product.

Today there are around eighteen different styles of amps to choose from with each style having its own subdivisions. Marshall guitar amplifiers can cater to the person on the go with Micro Amps, which in a case measure a tiny 14cmx11cmx6cm, and are extremely portable and easy to travel with. The Micro amps also come with a headphone output for the guitarist who might want to go metal in privacy or to keep it down and not upset a neighbor or mom and dad. For the rocker who wants to get inside a musicians head Marshall offers the signature series, amps designed by rock stars for rock stars. Dave Mustaine has two signature products to his name in the Marshall line, the DM1960 amp and the MG15FXMSDM which is considered a Megastack of analogue tones. The signature series line also comprises of Marshall guitar amplifiers for Paul Weller, Randy, Rhoads, Lemmy of Motorhead, and Kerry King of Slayer. When Marshall guitar amplifiers are mentioned out loud the first thing that comes to mind is a loud, thundering, rock and roll sound, but Marshall also has acoustic amps for those who do not wish to electrify the entire neighborhood. The AS50D and the AS100D will satisfy the mellow moments for a musician while emitting an amazingly pure sound into the air. So, whether a rocker, a traveler, or a folk junkie, Marshall guitar amplifiers will have an amp to suit anyone ready to plug in and let the music flow.

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Adam Lambert Big Queen ... Announcement

He's paid his dues ... time after time ... and now Adam Lambert says he's been chosen to replace Freddie Mercury as the new lead singer of the legendary rock band Queen!!!!

Lambert KILLED IT with the band when he rocked out a rendition of "We Are The Champions" with the guys at the "American Idol" finale back in 2009 ... the first time he ever met the band.

source: TMZ

How to Order custom made shirts through Blank label web portal

Are you tired of readymade shirts because they do not fit you ways you would like? If so then do not worry simply because you can now get t shirts with fittings of your liking. Well you don’t even need to move out of your house because you can do it online on the internet.

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The fabrics used in all shirts are of best worldwide quality. One can choose any style through the user friendly interface of the internet website. A lot of styles as well as shirt designs are available for online clients.

Blank label is a professional portal and it has extremely qualified expert shirt creative designers as well as tailors who're present 24x7 to guide the customers. Should you be looking to order mens custom shirts and therefore are confused then you can contact the expert team associated with Blank label portal who'll guide you appropriately.

The price of the shirt depends on the fabric you select. The pricing associated with custom shirts on this web site starts at around $61 and may go up to $136. If you buy the readymade shirt you will have to spend nothing much less then $200 to $300 and most importantly, the shirt won’t have the preferred fitting so why spend more money when you can get high quality shirt for peanuts.

Delivery of shirt depends on where you are but it takes 3 to 4 weeks. Shipping is done free of cost but when you want the shipping to be done in two weeks then you can opt for fast delivery option by paying extra $8.

For whatever reason, if you are not pleased with the fitting of the shirt then you can have it replaced by a new one however such a thing does not happen simply because shirts are stitched according to the measurements supplied by a consumer.

Right now custom made shirts could be ordered on the internet through world’s first and just on the internet website known as Blank label. It’s a very easy to understand website. Through this website you can actually choose any fabric that you would like and accordingly you can provide details for sewing the shirt.

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