Marshall Guitar Amp Models

Marshall guitar amplifiers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate guitarists of every skill level across the spectrum. From enthusiastic beginners eager to annoy their parents while they crank up the volume in their bedrooms to bona fide world wide rock stars who tour the globe and require a precise sound to fit their playing styles. Marshall guitar amplifiers were first made back in 1962 by Jim Marshall in London, England. The original amplifiers were called the JTM45 models. This model endured over the next few years, but with alterations to its character as time went on. Changes came in the way of logo size and placement, colors, to shapes and on to twin speaker outputs. In 1966 the JTM45 changed to the JTM50 and 100 watt production became standardized. The changes kept coming and the legend of Marshall amplifiers continued to grow with endorsements by some of the worlds largest rock stars including Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Eric Clapton. With such a stellar wealth of stars supporting Marshall amps the company needed to expand often to meet the demands of such a world renown product.

Today there are around eighteen different styles of amps to choose from with each style having its own subdivisions. Marshall guitar amplifiers can cater to the person on the go with Micro Amps, which in a case measure a tiny 14cmx11cmx6cm, and are extremely portable and easy to travel with. The Micro amps also come with a headphone output for the guitarist who might want to go metal in privacy or to keep it down and not upset a neighbor or mom and dad. For the rocker who wants to get inside a musicians head Marshall offers the signature series, amps designed by rock stars for rock stars. Dave Mustaine has two signature products to his name in the Marshall line, the DM1960 amp and the MG15FXMSDM which is considered a Megastack of analogue tones. The signature series line also comprises of Marshall guitar amplifiers for Paul Weller, Randy, Rhoads, Lemmy of Motorhead, and Kerry King of Slayer. When Marshall guitar amplifiers are mentioned out loud the first thing that comes to mind is a loud, thundering, rock and roll sound, but Marshall also has acoustic amps for those who do not wish to electrify the entire neighborhood. The AS50D and the AS100D will satisfy the mellow moments for a musician while emitting an amazingly pure sound into the air. So, whether a rocker, a traveler, or a folk junkie, Marshall guitar amplifiers will have an amp to suit anyone ready to plug in and let the music flow.

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