Good Gracious, The Doors

During a generation of peace and love came the one honest voice of Jim Morrison, filled with an honest anger and devastation. He was raw sexuality and unforgiving of his unabashed masculinity. The Doors have been studied and philosophized about for over four decades. Their place in history is set in steel and stone. As a group, they were of a single synergetic mind, always anticipating the other guys' movement.

Morrison's words discovered a home with founding member Ray Manzarek's psychedelic keyboard cornucopia. Drummer John Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger joined after two other guys dropped out, one was Manzarek's brother, because they thought the band wasn't going to make it. The Doors were thought to be too out there for the modern hippie Beach Boys loving generation in Los Angeles. But within a short time, the first Doors vinyl record was released. "Light My Fire" and "Break On Through (To The Other Side)" were hits on the first Doors vinyl album as well as the ever otherworldly song of "The End".

In concert, the fans would always wait in anticipation for the last tune, "The End", because you never knew how Jim was going to sing it. {You never knew what was to come at the true end of his rant.} Would the parents in the story live a sexual dysfunctional life or would they be murdered in their sleep? Or perhaps Jim would just faint before the end of the concert.

Even though Jim was the primary writer, few fans know that it was Krieger that wrote the opening lines of their biggest hit "Light My Fire". "Funeral pyre" was added by Jim, who maintained that the once uplifting love song needed a bit of death added into it. Songs to Jim were little lives that must end in death as by nature's intent. A pretty true statement coming from a man who got the name of the band from a William Blake quote, "If the doors of perception were cleansed, every thing would appear to man as it is-infinite."

In 1971 Jim sadly died of a drug and alcohol overdose in France. By 1973 the rest of the group eventually called it quits because of a lack of attendance. Too bad; who knows what could have been achieved through Jim's lyrics and insight into the dark side of the mind.

The original Doors vinyl albums are still in much demand and sell at high cost on Ebay. The Doors have sold over 100 million vinyl records worldwide, and sales are still great. Bearing in mind they only made six albums with Jim, this is pretty impressive. Every year another angst-filled, frustrated teen will discover the beautiful haunting words of Morrison and realize they aren't alone.

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