Basic Guitar Lessons in Clearwater

The growing popularity of guitar as an instrument means that whatever place you hail from, it is not difficult to find guitar tutors. As far as guitar lessons in Clearwater are concerned, there is a problem of plenty. One has various options, ranging from private music schools to individual tutors. Each of these has their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Brentwood Guitar instruction is a place where one can learn guitar lessons from an individual guitar tutor. Prices usually vary around $40 for a one hour class and $25 for a half an hour class. Students get a small discount if they enroll for a monthly course that includes one class of one hour every week. Such individual tutors are performers and composers themselves, thus giving the students some primary motivation to start with. Besides that, they always have stories and anecdotes about the career path serious guitar students are about to choose.

Even if students are learning guitar for mere fun or as a hobby, going to the individual tutors gives them a more personal attention and interaction time. There are music schools too in the nearby areas like Allegro Music academy and American Rock School. The advantage of schools lies in their planning, organization and course content. It is always more economical to go to a music school as they charge relatively lesser than individual tutors. Consequently, the disadvantage lies in the fact that personal attention and interaction time with the tutors who might be changing frequently, would be missing in the guitar classes.

You could find more teachers and schools offering guitar classes in Clearwater, apart from the ones listed above. However, at the end of the day it always comes down to how much you could afford to spend for a guitar class and how much you could pick up on your own. Individual tutors could always give you handy tips about making a career performing and composing and hence it is not just the classes you gain from. A guitar student should hence try taking demo classes to find out what suits him or her the best.

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Beatles Tribute Bands - How They Are Keeping History Alive

The Beatles spirit, the most beloved rock band of all time, have given rise, to a myriad of tribute bands devoted to them internationally. Hailing from Liverpool, England in the 1960's, these legendary icons made up of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, took the world by storm. With their unique sound and their mop-top hairdos, they were an act unlike any that anyone had ever seen before. Their impact on popular culture was unparalleled and they still have an indelible mark on the culture of today.

While the original band is no longer around, you can still get your Beatles fix by attending one of the many concerts performed by the multitude tribute bands they have spawned. There is even a music festival, called Abbey Road on the River, designed to feature these bands in all their duplicity of their idols. Some of these groups strive to replicate every last detail of the group, from their speech, to their clothes, to their hair, to their mannerisms while others remain in character throughout entire shows and are truly awesome to experience. As imitation is the sincerest form of strategy, some bands reenact the Beatles shtick to the last detail. Too factual here, need more poetry

Although these tribute bands differ in many ways, the share the common denominator of being appreciated and enjoyed by any baby boomer loving the classic rock of the Beatles. Ironically enough, these spin-off bands began forming even while the original band was still in existence. More than simply a cover group, these bands were, and still are, deeply devoted and dedicated to the music of their heroes.

Although the group disbanded in 1970, their legacy still lives on today. No matter what your age, everyone is familiar with the groundbreaking sound that these singers//musicians introduced. Fortunately, they have had such an impact that, even though they are no longer around, we can still hear their music today. In movies, television, and on the radio, we can still hear bits of classics like, "A Hard Day's Night" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand". Their spirit and sounds are also kept alive through the awesome tribute bands paying homage to them, making the Beatles still one of the most popular acts in the world today. Abbey Road on the River (AROTR) is a regional musicfestival featuring tribute acts that honors the music of The Beatles.

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How to Hold Your Drumsticks

A lot of drummers start playing without ever thinking about how they hold the sticks. They jump straight into the fun stuff completely overlooking the most important thing of all - grip! At first everything is ok but as soon as they start to play more often and more challenging music things start to go wrong; tight muscles, fatigue, the inability to keep up with quicker tempos, aching elbows and wrists.

These are all symptoms of poor stick grip and poor technique.

If you have ever suffered from these ailments then you'll know what I'm talking about. It's a real pain in the backside and in the worst cases you have to stop playing completely.

That's the last thing that you want so read through this article and we'll get you on the right track. When you learn how to hold the sticks properly you will be more relaxed when you play, you will be able to play faster and with greater power. So let me explain the correct ways you can hold your drumsticks:

The Balance Point
No matter what grip you use the first thing you need to find is the balance point or fulcrum point on the stick. This is the sweet spot that gives you the greatest bounce and control. If you hold the stick too far back you have to work overtime to make it bounce because it just dies in the head and if you hold it too far forward you will struggle to even get it to hit the head because the weight of the stick is pulling in the opposite direction. Test different grip positions up and down the stick until you are happy you have found the point of least effort.

Matched Grip
The most common way of holding the stick today is the Matched Grip style. Most drummers find this is the most effective way to hold the sticks and to build their technique around. Matched grip is basically having both hands holding the sticks the same way - meaning both left and right hands are matched. Here are a few ways to hold the sticks with matched grip:

German Grip
The German grip is very common in rock drumming and corps drumming. It involves you holding your sticks at the fulcrum point (balance point) with your thumb and index finger and placing your other fingers lightly on the bottom of the stick. From their you place your sticks on the snare drum, palms facing down and try to make a 90 degree angle with them. When you find this angle, you will notice your elbows may stick out a little, which is normal.

French Grip
With The French Grip you hold the sticks the same as with the german grip but this time you place your sticks on the snare drum with the palms facing each other. The back of your thumbs will point up towards the ceiling which means that you can use your fingers for fast rolls and grooves. You can get a lot of speed with this technique but it comes at the expense of power.

American Grip
The American grip is a half way house between the German grip and the French grip. Instead of having your elbows out and your sticks at a 90 degree angle, relax a little, and let your arms fall. You will notice your sticks come in a little, cutting your angle down to 45 degrees or so. This is a kind of hybrid technique that allows you to get the best of the german wrist action and french finger technique.

Traditional Grip
Before matched grip became the drumming standard many players used the traditional grip. It is still very common in jazz drumming and corps drumming and you can see players like Virgil Donati, Steve Smith and Peter Erskine killing it with this technique. This grip was designed by drummers in army corps who had their snare drum resting on their hips. The angle of their snare drum made it hard for them to play with matched grip. Therefore, they created a new method of holding their hand underneath the stick. This has been more recently been name the traditional grip. To achieve this, you want to hold the left stick with your hand upside down, (or palms up). Find the balance point of the stick, and place it in the pocket of your thumb and index finger. Rest the stick on the last two fingers of your hand, (the ring and pinky fingers). Now you just have to simply rest your index and middle finger on the top of the stick. The right hand holds the stick with either a german, french or american grip.

Stick Grip Conclusion
No matter what style of music you play, grip comes before anything else. Learning the various grips and practicing the rudiments with them will help you to develop a solid foundation for your playing. In time you'll find which grip you like the most or you might find that you like to move in and out of different grips depending on the style or attitude of the music that you are called to play.

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous is a 2000 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Cameron Crowe. Starring Patrick Fugit as William Miller and Kate Hudson as Penny Lane.
The movie Almost Famous tells the story about William Miller, a young journalist writing for Rolling Stone Magazine and following "Stillwater" -the next hit band touring across America.

Guitar Music Books Versus Online Lessons

In a rock band, guitarist is probably the most glamorous artist. He can afford to run around, toss those hairs, act wild and still be in perfect rhythm with the rest of the band. It does not come easy though. You have to be a master at the craft of playing guitar to be able to perform on the stage. Your journey to mastering the art of playing guitar begins with the simple step of taking lessons or tutorials be it with guitar music books, DVDs, online courses, or private tutor.

In today's world when technology has made things much more accessible and easy, it is prudent to make good use of it. You can access good online course from any part of the world through internet. These courses contain both e-books and videos to help you become a good or even great guitarist.

There are a large number of theory books available in the market for learning guitar. These books are quite handy and useful in the sense that they are inexpensive and you can carry them wherever you want. Earlier generations learnt only through such books but with internet it is better to take up an online course.

You tend to get greater variety of courses online and you can literally go through the entire market before you choose the program you want to join. With books, you have limited options available, after all how many books can you buy and go through.

Biggest advantage of an online course is the availability of videos. You can learn to hold a guitar correctly and other such basics by seeing the video. You have the advantage of replaying the lessons again and again and there is no physical storage required of such stuff. Books will take up some space and maintenance is difficult.

Books do not give you feedback and you cannot ask questions of it but with an online course you can ask questions from the instructor.

Guitar music books are still useful but there are definitely better ways to try to learn guitar. Figure out for yourself what suits you the best.

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