Truce Called in Banana Fight Between Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol’s Estate

A federal judge has dismissed the recent legal tug of war between the Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol’s estate.

The court battle started when the Warhol Foundation announced plans to license the artist’s well-known banana print — memorably featured on the cover of the 1967 album ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’ — to the Incase Designs company for use in a line of iPhone and iPad cases. Arguing that the band’s inextricable link with the image would cause confusion and lead people to believe they’d licensed it themselves, the members of the Velvet Underground’s business partnership (including former band members Lou Reed and John Cale) sued to put a stop to the deal.

The case posed some thorny legal questions, particularly because — as Vintage Vinyl News points out — neither Warhol nor the band claimed a copyright on the image. The VU partnership, however, argued that this strengthened its case; as VVN puts it, “There was no existing copyright on the image nor was a copyright claimed by the Velvet Underground on the album cover. This left a work that Reed, Cale, et. al. claimed was in the public domain and could not be licensed by the Foundation.”

According to case notes compiled by Wikipedia, the court had a jurisdiction problem with the suit because “the Constitution allows federal courts to decide only ‘Cases’ or ‘Controversies,’ which means ongoing or imminent disputes over legal rights, involving concrete facts and specific acts, that require court intervention in order to shield the plaintiff from harm or interference with its rights.” And because a judge determined that the band’s interests wouldn’t be harmed if the image were licensed, the court wasn’t able to intervene.

Ultimately, according to VVN’s report, the two sides ended up reaching an undisclosed agreement out of court, and the case was dismissed after the Foundation informed the judge they’d settled their differences. So if you see a familiar-looking banana on someone’s portable computing device a few months from now, just remember: Lou Reed wanted nothing to do with it.


Asbestos fears halts NBN work

Federal workplace safety regulators have reportedly ordered a halt at several National Broadband Network construction sites amid asbestos contamination fears.

Comcare has told News Limited it issued stop-work orders at multiple locations, and expected to issue more in connection with work on the NBN.

The move comes after a resident in Penrith, west of Sydney, contacted the NSW WorkCover authority with concerns that asbestos safety procedures weren't being followed.

News Ltd on Thursday reported Comcare had confirmed one case in which Telstra had not applied proper risk assessments to its work on the 'pits' that are crucial to the network.

In addition to the Penrith incident, News Ltd said there were allegations of asbestos release at work sites in Ballarat, in Victoria, and in Hobart.


ACDC For Those About To Rock Amplified Tshirt for Men

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The new issue of Classic Rock is on sale now

The brand new issue of Classic Rock is on sale now with Joe Bonamassa – aka Mr Unstoppable – on the cover.

Plus there’s a sensational free 14-track CD titled Bag Of Bones that’s been compiled by JoBo himself. It features Leslie West, Robert Cray, Steve Lukather, Walter Trout, Gov’t Mule, JJ Grey And Mofro, Danny Bryant and more…

Here’s what we’ve got lined up for you in Classic Rock issue 185, July 2013, in stores (and available electronically) now!

Cover feature – Joe Bonamassa
“To some people I’m the fucking Antichrist!” To others he’s a god. Either way, he can charge £500 a ticket, yet stand outside his own gigs unrecognised. We track the bluesman’s four-venue ‘tour’ of London and find out what makes him tick.

Comeback king, or intimidating control freak? The story behind the band’s landmark debut album, Holy Diver, suggests that Ronnie James Dio was both.

The Regeneration Game
How brands are replacing bands to perpetuate the music and performances of their forebears. Featuring…
Black Star Riders – Will they ever be able to escape the long reach of Phil Lynott’s legacy?
The Enid – The man who is The Enid is too ill to carry on, but he’s making sure the band will continue without him.
Sons Of Cream – Chips off the old block keeping their dads’ band’s music alive.
Blackfoot – With a new band ‘model’, that has no original members, have they found immortality?
The Musical Box – “We’ve really fought the term ‘tribute band’.” What are these ‘interpreters’ of Genesis’ music, then?

Graham Bond
A Hammond-pounding, drug-abusing occultist who died aged 36, he’s the forgotten man of 60s rock.

Nu Metal: The Last Revolution
They’re often scorned, but Slipknot, Korn, Papa Roach, Deftones and Limp Bizkit are more successful than ever. Along with ├╝ber-producer Ross Robinson, they chart the rise, fall and resurrection of nu metal.

The Who
Against a background of drink, drugs, fights and financial mismanagement, they made two of their best albums. But it was the Lifehouse project that nearly broke the band.

The Story Behind The Songs – REM
An anti-war commentary disguised as a four-minute pop song, Orange Crush lead the band to global success and stardom.

Q&A – Iggy Pop
“I don’t like punk,” says the Godfather of Punk known more for his insurance ads than for his records.

Buyer’s Guide – Vivian Stanshall
From playing on Blue Peter to releasing poems about his penis, the Bonzo Dog mainman’s eccentricity and creativity knew no bounds.

Heavy Load – Dave Mustaine
The Megadeth mainman on the power of love, being misunderstood and feeding 8,000 children every day.

All this and more in the new issue of Classic Rock, on sale now.

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Steven Tyler, Aerosmith leave Manila after sellout show

American rock band Aerosmith led by singer Steven Tyler left Manila on Thursday afternoon, flying to the US via Bangkok on board Thai Airways flight TG 621 at 1:05PM at the NAIA terminal 1.

Accompanied by their retinue of security personnel, Tyler and his bandmates checked in at the Customs and Immigration lane in less than 10 minutes, surprising passengers and airport employees.

No one was able to ask for a photo ops with the former “American Idol” judge as he was whisked away to the airport’s VIP room, where he waited before boarding his flight.

Aerosmith arrived in Manila on Sunday and performed in a sellout concert at the Mall of Asia Arena on Wednesday night. Tickets to the show — the only Asian stop so far in their ongoing world tour — cost as high P20,000 ($480).

The band behind such rock anthems as “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” and “Walk This Way” will return to Asia in August to do several shows in Japan.


$85 to see the Stones

Reduced price tickets to be made available for North American tour.

To accommodate more fans in their "50 and Counting" North American tour, the Stones plan to make seats available for just $85, due to overwhelming demand.

The seats will be made available on the day of the concert, once the staging and production have been loaded into the venue and it is possible to determine where extra space is available. Seating will include some of the best in the house, such as the Tongue Pit, as well as places spread throughout the arena. Regular tickets for the tour sold out in under 5 minutes once they went on general sale.

To be eligible, fans must regster at the Rolling Stones Facebook page HERE. 

The "50 and Counting" tour will kick off at the Staples Center in Los Angeles this Friday on May 3rd; the original May 2nd date having to be shifted due to the NBA playoff schedule.

The Stones will then tour across America for a total of 17 dates, finishing on June 21st in Philadelphia.



Budget Revision May 2013

So the time has come once again for me to revise the budget. Every few months I take a look at my budget and see if any changes need to be made and I go ahead and tweak the budget if I need to. I was previously working on a year long rolling budget in Mint…although I don’t really know why since I have a rolling annual list in a Google docs spreadsheet anyway.

I found that the rolling budget had gotten messed up because of Mint’s tendency to classify some things in certain ways. I would have to go and update a few of the ‘rules’ I had in classification and it was really throwing me off.

I figured I would just go in and remove all the prior rolling amounts and just start them over since I needed to adjust the budget now. I have a new bill coming up in a few months and paying it would put me over my budget as it currently stands.

Even though I don’t need to begin paying it until July I decided to adjust the budget now and reduce things like food and household expenses now.That way I have two months to get used to the reduced spending on those two areas before I actually HAVE to spend less.

I also made a few other tweaks here and there and reduced a few categories by $10 or $20. The changes to the individual categories are not very high but the total does make a big difference to the total budget.

I am on a VERY strict budget because of school and we don’t get paid very much so I really cannot afford to splurge and get carried away because I do need to pay tuition!

Tuition payments for summer school are actually only a few days away and it will be a big drain to see that money come out of my account.


I Have Been Procrastinating Again

So this is not about money or how to save in any way. I have been procrastinating recently because I am in one class that I just am NOT in love with.

I have been waiting until the last minute to get assignments done and because of this I end up staying up late. Of course everyone says college students are supposed to NOT sleep but I totally disagree. I made it through years of bachelors and masters programs by getting a lot of work done during the day….by working on something every day.

Yes it was tedious to spend a couple of hours every day, even on weekends, on school work…but that lead me to not have to be up until 2 in the morning. I got lots of sleep and got good grades.

Now with this one class and all the stress it brings I have been getting very poor sleep because I am going to sleep much later than I normally do.

As a result I am cranky all day the next day and want to sleep halfway during the day…but then cannot sleep when it is time for bed.

I guess this does affect my money in the long run because I have the lights and the computer on longer since I am working into the night.

It is getting close to finals now so I cannot afford to procrastinate any more…I need to study!!!

I will not let this happen during summer school!