Got ye! Singer-songwriter Gotye is not dead

Alternative rock musician Gotye, best known for the big hit “Somebody That I Used To Know”, is not dead.

A fake report with the headline “Gotye dead at the age of 32”, posted by a certain “MJTheDestroy” at CNN iReport, read:

“At 4:32 AM EST, it was reported that Gotye had shot himself in the head with a 9mm handgun. He was pronounced dead at 4:45 AM, and the investigation concluded that the cause of death was suicide. It was confirmed shortly after by family and friends. He was quickly taken to the Central Montmorency Hospital, but died from his injuries shortly after. His family has stated that they plan a closed funeral.”

As news about the singer-songwriter’s grossly exaggerated demise went viral, Gotye’s management team, through their official Twitter account @GotyeHQ, issued this tweet denying the incident, “We’re happy to report Wally is alive and well.”

The Belgian-Australian Gotye was born Wouter De Backer and also answers to the nickname Wally.

Fans of Gotye were immediately relieved to know that the report is a hoax.
Anne Curtis, Karel Marquez and Raymond Gutierrez were among those who wondered if the news is true.

Blogger Loi Landicho, more popularly known on Twitter as Professional Heckler, (@hecklerforever) summed up all the fuss with this tweet: “On this day Nixau died. Totoo ‘yan. And Luther Vandross. And Marlon Brando. BUT Gotye is soooo alive. ‘Di na kayo nasanay sa Twitter.