Bass Guitar Secrets Review: A Review Of The Bass Guitar Secrets Tutorial

This is a Bass Guitar Secrets review. It aims to highlight the different materials that are provided in the tutorial made by Alex Sampson regarding the different secrets that can make your bass playing a better one.

It is important to look into the different aspects of the tutorial so as to know whether or not it is a product worth-buying.

The tutorial includes a manual that outlines the different lessons you will learn in the tutorial, a software that is custom-made for it, a membership to the program provided, CDs that give you audio examples of those discussed in the manual, and a manual that acts like a guide to mastering the chords.

The Manual Of Lessons

The manual provided gives you the outline of the different lessons you will have in the tutorial. It is a well-made one and can be an excellent companion to the different CDs provided. However, if you have always been a fan of Sampson's different products, you will find out that this specific material is very similar to all the other things he produced.

The Custom-Made Software

The custom-made software is easy to use. It provides you with tracks that you can jam with. It highlights the need to have fun while doing serious practice.

The Membership To The Program

The membership to Sampson's tutorial is good as well. You are given a guarantee to have your money back if you do not think the tutorial is satisfactory enough. In here, you are provided with the three lessons that promise to give you the secrets of bass guitar playing.

The Chord Mastery Manual

The chord mastery manual is an extra manual given in order to help you practice your chords. It is a good extra since it provides you with additional things that will help you with bass guitar learning.


This is a Bass Guitar Secrets review. It aims to provide you with a discussion of the different aspects that have been promised in the said tutorial. It proves to be a user-friendly tutorial that you may want to purchase in order to learn more about bass guitar playing. However, the only criticism is that this particular tutorial is very similar to all the other tutorials made by Alex Sampson. If you have always been a fan of his tutorials, this particular one will disappoint you because it does not contain anything strikingly new.

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