Sundance premiere planned for Eagles Documentary

Band to air Part 1 at festival in January

A new documentary about the Eagles is to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival next year.

Produced by Academy Award winning filmmaker Alex Gibney and directed by Alison Ellwood, ‘History of the Eagles Part 1’ takes a fully authorised, intimate look at the band and chronicles their success throughout the 1970’s until their messy breakup in 1980. It features 25 new interviews with former and current band members , plus a whole host of other players in the Eagles story. The film will also feature a wealth of previously unreleased footage from the band’s archives including a rare concert film from the 1977 Hotel California tour.

"For the last five years and intensely this past year, we have been putting together this document of our history with Alex and Alison who have contributed their incredible talents to help us tell our story” said guitartist Glenn Frey. "We’re all very pleased with the progress so far, and are excited to see the finished product at Sundance”.