Good Choice For Office And Home Application

It is well known that Desktop computer is good for gaming and laptop computer is easy for carrying, but of course it is a best choice to have one standard system in the living room. However, it is a pity that most of people have no idea how to assemble a computer with ITX which is expensive and not easy to get one with satisfaction. But now don’t worry, Giada i35GB would like to help you out, small in size but complete in functions for your needs.

Powered by Intel Atom D2550 processor (1.86GHz), Giada i35GB is working coolly in low energy consumption and supports memory in DDR3 for you to select the one you need by yourself and also supports 2.5?HDD. Moreover, equipped with NVIDIA GT610 graphics, i35GB is able to display movie in full HD 1080P.

It is not so simple to purchase a suitable computer just by checking its specifications but also something else to be concerned. Giada i35GB is well-designed with high quality and will be your best choice if you are not a game enthusiast and also know how to install OS. Its built-in card reader can support almost all the cards you probably use. It must be weird to have too many cables messed together in your living room, while we believe i35GB will help to ease your worry by providing with wireless connections: WiFi and Bluetooth and all have just necessary HDMI and adaptor cables if you choose to use wireless mouse and keyboard. Actually it will be so nice that you will not notice its existence just by tidying these only two cables up. It is pleasingly featured with quite low energy consumption and even if working for a whole afternoon, its temperature just changes a little but not much.