The Gift Of Worry-Free Cleaning

Those who air out and expose their mattresses and pillows to direct sunlight in order to disinfect them have it right. The sun’s ultraviolet rays, it turns out, have the capacity to destroy certain organisms and pathogens, a discovery made by the Dutch scientist who, in 1903, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his “contribution to the treatment of diseases, especially lupus vulgaris, with ‘concentrated light radiation.’”

This process, however, has its limitations and drawbacks. Some disease-causing germs that thrive in our beddings are more resilient than others. Many of those who develop rashes and allergies from dirty linens may be reacting not to dust mites specifically but to their waste products. Hence, they have to be vacuumed out since no amount of sterilization can remove them.

And there is the issue of convenience. Taking out the mattress, invariably bulky in size, is every bit of a hassle; more so finding a clean place to prop it against. To do this in a high-rise condominium is virtually impossible unless you have floor-to-ceiling windows or have the patience to negotiate through halls and elevators just to bring your possibly sorry-looking mattress to the deck.

Fortunately, a company has found a way to convert this natural process of sterilization into technology. Bukang Sems Co., a South Korean company, has created the Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy vacuum cleaners. These compact, user-friendly, ergonomic machines can zap 99 percent of bacteria 94 percent of dust mites. They can even kill fungus, molds, mildew, salmonella and the dreaded E. Coli and N1 Influenza A virus.

“We know that dust mites, allergens and other types of bacteria are common problems in Filipino homes that affect family members with respiratory ailments,” says Catherine Dy, general manager of Zinven International Corp., the exclusive local distributor of this line of cleaners. “Through the Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy Cleaner, they can now eliminate these bacteria faster, safer and more effectively so they won’t have to take their beddings out into the sun.”

At the heart of the technology Raycop UVC Anti-Allergy cleaner, which has received the seal of approval from the British Allergy Foundation and the Trophée de la Maison from the French Consumers’ Union, is a three-step system (vibrating, sterilizing and double-filtering) that assures that pathogens and their waste are not only neutralized but also eliminated.

The first step is achieved through the vibrating pad, pulsing at 3,600 times per minute, which shakes particles and dust mites away from mattresses, pillows and other fabrics and linens. The second step, on the other hand, is delivered by the UVC sterilization lamp which uses a highly efficient and effective 253.7 nanometer wavelength—enough to kill harmful organisms in your bed.  The third is made possible by a cartridge filter that captures and traps the larger particles so they cannot be released back to the room. Smaller particles are trapped by what is called Micro Allergy Filter.

Raycop “Smart and “Hera” product lines are available in the country.  The first model and with more than one million units sold in 30 countries, the Smart line is the best-selling Raycop product. Hera, on the other hand, is Raycop’s latest, defined by a more ergonomic design and a removable handle. While both feature a transparent window that indicates when to empty the dust bin of particles, Smart has a single-vibrating pad while Hera has two for a more powerful vacuuming power.

“Our goal as a company is to provide homes all over the world with a cleaner and healthier environment with the use of the Raycop vacuum cleaner,” says Sung Jin Lee, president of the health and home appliances division of Bukang Sems Co., Ltd., makers of Raycop. “We believe that Filipino homes deserve the best products they can have to clean their homes, and we know that Raycop is the product they can truly trust.”

The Raycop UVC anti-allergy cleaner is available at Rustan’s Department stores, S& R, Landmark, and soon at Wilcon Builders (Libis, QC) and Abenson’s Department Stores. For details, visit