Manny Pacquiao admits: ‘I was overconfident’

Manny Pacquiao admitted he was ‘overconfident’ when he walked into a punch from Juan Manuel Marquez to suffer a knockout in their fourth fight Sunday at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

“I was starting to get overconfident,” Pacquiao said shortly after the bout. “I never expected that punch.”

Despite suffering a knockdown in the third round, Pacquiao looked like he was in control of the fight. He knocked down the Mexican in the fifth round and busted up Marquez’s face, with television announcers wondering if he had a broken nose.

Pacquiao brought the fire in the sixth round, but caught a perfect straight right from Marquenear the end that knocked him out cold.

“He got me, a good shot. That’s boxing. Sometimes you get hit,” said Pacquiao, who didn’t seem to entertain any thoughts of hanging up his gloves.

“After a few months back to training. Back to fight,” he said about his future plans.