Ginger Baker takes the Pledge

Ginger Baker has launched a Pledge campaign to fund the release of a career-spanning double-disc anthology and an exclusive photo book.

The Cream icon and his family aim to mark his 75th birthday this year with the launch of A Drummer’s Tale, with pledge points starting at £8 and running up to £95, and offers including signed books, drumsticks and VIP access to a London concert.

Baker says on his Pledge page: “Stand by your beds everyone! It’s been over thirty years since the RSO launched The Best Of Ginger Baker anthology – without consulting me about the content!

“This time I’m in charge, with no label. I’m ready to release A Drummer’s Tale and there will also be a book full of very rare, family-owned photos and memorabilia.

“With PledgeMusic the plan is to give you something very exclusive. I know you’ll enjoy it. Thanks for your support throughout the years – and remember: ‘Don’t cheer, throw money!’”

The Baker family explain: “Reaching seventy-five is a milestone for any working musician – but in the case of Ginger it’s truly worth celebrating.”

Details of Baker’s 75th birthday concert will be announced in due course, along with details of a run of exclusive drum clinics.

The Pledge campaign has reached 13% of its goal with 97 days to run.