Leadon returns to Eagles

Bernie Leadon has returned to the Eagles for what could be their last world tour.

Speculation had been rife that the former guitarist – who quit in 1975 – would take the stage again with his ex-bandmates. He did just that at their first show in Louisville, Kentucky, at the weekend, taking part in a set that featured tracks they hadn’t performed in decades.

And Don Henley says Randy Meisner could have been present as well.

He tells Rolling Stone: “Bernie is definitely on this tour. Randy might have been too, but his current health will not permit. We’re all wishing him well.”

Meisner choked while eating earlier this year, resulting in lost consciousness and long-term damage – although he’s reported to be on the mend.

But there’s no chance of Don Felder returning to the fold in the near future. Henley says: “Since Mr Felder continues to engage in legal action of one kind or another against us, I can’t really say anything further about it.” Felder recently said he held no hard feelings over disagreements from the past.

Henley admits this could be the Eagles’ final road trip. “Covering the entire globe will take us about two years,” he says. “So by the time we get through this tour, it’ll be 2015 and we’ll all be in our late 60s. It’s been an incredible experience – but it may be time to say adios and bow out gracefully.”

source: classicrockmagazine.com