A Short Guide to the Best Way to Learn Guitar - Frequently Asked Questions

I practice every day, but I am not getting any better and it is very frustrating.

It is important to remember that in the beginning you will probably not make progress very quickly. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day. The same principle governs your growth as a musician and guitar player. The fact of the matter is that when you first start out learning guitar, you will not be any good. Every guitarist you have ever heard had to go through this process. Just remember that the more hours you put in on your instrument, the more improvement you will see.

I don't know what type of guitar is the best to learn on?

As you have probably already found out, there are a vast number of options in regards to which guitar to learn on. Some people will tell you that you should always start on an acoustic guitar, but don't believe them. Each guitar type is built a little bit differently than the others and as a result each will have its positives and negatives. For instance the electric guitar is typically very easy to manipulate as the strings are closer to the fret board. On the other hand with an electric guitar you also need to have an amp to play through which will cost more money. The best way to decide is to just go to a music store and try out a bunch of guitars until you find one you feel comfortable with.

How much time will I need to devote to practice?

This is another area where there are no hard and fast rules. As we know from the first question, you will probably not be very good when you first start out. This is just the way it goes and can be gotten around by putting in a lot of practice time. Generally you are going to want to devote at least an hour a day for a good three to six months before other people will notice that you can play guitar. It is also important in the beginning to schedule this practice time. It may seem strange to schedule a hobby, but if you do not you run the risk of getting frustrated and quitting.

Which learning methods are best classes, private lessons, or online courses?

Just like the question about which guitar to learn on, which method you use will determine how quickly you make progress. Each of these learning methods has its strengths and weaknesses. Classes and private lessons are great, but they do become quite expensive. With online courses you can work through it at your own pace, but you need to be steadfast with your practicing.

The absolute most important thing you can do to insure that you learn the guitar well is to follow a proven program of instruction. Make sure that any program you follow is organized, easy and step by step. This is what I mean by the best way to learn guitar.

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