Heart’s reverse rock’n'roll dream

In the 1970s, while musicians all over the UK were dreaming of making it to America, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart were dreaming of making it to Scotland.

Their sights were set on the remote Mull of Kintyre, the peninsula where ex-Beatle Paul McCartney lived. And when they found themselves at the top of the charts with 1987 single Alone, they also found time to chase their dream.

In an excerpt from their biographical book Kicking And Dreaming, out now, Ann tells how they arrived a week early for a European tour in order to hire a car and hunt McCartney down.

Their first discovery, she says, was that despite being one of the biggest acts in the States that year they were almost unknown as they headed through the southern moorlands of Scotland. “We were anonymous for the first time in years,” she recalls.

Next they discovered that the Mull of Kintyre was so remote they didn’t have time to driver there – and their only option was a ferry.

Their third discovery was that the ferry wasn’t running.

Ann says: “After an arduous journey we came to the dock, only to find that the ferry had been cancelled due to bad weather.

“The closest we got to Paul McCartney’s farm was standing on the dock, looking towards Kintyre. We knew Paul was on the other side somewhere.

“We’d made it all the way from the teenage bedroom of our Washington house to the Scottish coast – but Paul McCartney remained beyond our reach.”

Read the full excerpt at Rolling Stone in which Ann discusses her cocaine abuse, threats from fans and friendship with Stevie Nicks.

source: classicrockmagazine.com