Rock Band Secrets That Will Help Your Band Book Gigs and Get Signed to a Record Deal

If you are like most bands, the thing you want now more than anything in the world is to get your band signed to a record label. However, the issue of financing can get in the way and make you want to quit. This article will give you some tips the rock bands use to get financing until they get signed.

Sadly, getting your band financed is harder today than it's ever been. Since the economy blows right now and banks are reluctant to lend money to people, getting credit is difficult. But, there are ways around this.

Bartering is a great way to book gigs. Remember, if you want to get signed, you'll need to have a list of gigs under your belt. What you do here is offer to play for a charitable event. The cool thing is you can even ask for a sponsor for this. This sponsor could lead to financing in the future. It's a long way around the credit issue, but it works. And, you'll be able to schedule some gigs without costing you a dime.

If your band has never actually sat down and wrote out what you need to get financed, here's a short list for you to follow. You'll need funds for:

· Manufacturing

· Distribution

· Consumption

· Touring

Obviously, once you get signed most of these out of pocket expenses are no longer up to you. But until you get signed, you'll be footing the bill for these expenses.

The good thing is, half of that list above is real easy to do and real cheap. For example, manufacturing would involve real production of CDs. However, you can distribute your music digitally these days which will be a lot cheaper than a CD. You can even sell your songs on Amazon, one by one.

Distribution is the same way. Years ago you had to actually make a physical CD or tape. However, now if your band has a blog, you can just post your songs on your blog for digital downloads. Again, this is real easy and real cheap to do.

However, if you plan on touring the costs can get pretty high, even if you just plan on staying local. So do what you can to use the bartering trick I mentioned earlier.

Those are some of the secrets rock bands use to get financing. Remember, if you want to your band to get signed, you'll need to play at lots of venues. And if you're just starting out, bartering is the way to go.

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