Arthur Brown’s head music headset

Arthur Brown has vowed to enter a brand-new world of music with his a unique helmet which, he says, allows him to play instruments with just his thoughts.

He’ll debut his “psychosonic” thought control headgear at Hard Rock Hell in Wales next month, using it to perform material from his upcoming album, Zim Zam Zim.

Brown says: “The headgear will deal with triggering sounds by thought. It won’t just trigger sounds that are preset – it will create sounds in real time just like a theremin does, or as do the voices of a human choir.

“Then it will develop to include body energies; next will come the energy of feeling, then the sexual energies will be accessed. After that, the energies of the spirit and soul will become instigators of sound – and the whole human being will be used.”

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown are currently running a Pledge Music campaign to fund the release of Zim Zam Zim. Pledge points start at £8 with additional offers including signed lyric sheet, a banquet and show, your name in a song, a day out with Brown and his own fire helmet.

The band tour the UK starting next week:

Oct 17: Swansea Garage
Oct 18: Birmingham Rainbow
Oct 19: Liverpool Kazimer
Oct 24: Kendal Brewery Arts Centre
Oct 25: Saltburn Spa Hotel
Oct 27: Aberdeen Moorings
Nov 28: Hard Rock Hell
May 08, 2014: London Camden Jazz Cafe