Jagger ‘makes best’ of undemanding career

Mick Jagger is proud of his achievements as frontman of the Rolling Stones – but he admits to sometimes wishing he’d followed another path.

He says his job is “undemanding” when compared to being a teacher, politician or journalist.

Ahead of the Stones’ long-awaited headline slot at Glastonbury tonight, Jagger tells the BBC: “I’m sure everyone wishes they’d tried to have been… I’d have been a dancer, if anything.

“A schoolteacher would have been very gratifying, I’m sure. There’s millions of things you would loved to have done – politician, journalist; I thought of being a journalist once.”

But he says he doesn’t suffer any regret. “You could think, ‘Well, I would have liked to have done that,’ but that’s completely pointless. Everyone wants to have done more things in their lives.

“I don’t feel frustrated for lack of control, and I’m very pleased with what I’ve done.”

He adds light-heartedly: “It’s a slightly intellectually undemanding thing to do, being a rock singer. But, you know, you make the best of it.”

Meanwhile, bandmate Keith Richards is looking forward to appearing on the iconic Glastonbutry Pyramid Stage this evening, because he feels the time is right.

“It’s almost as if you were finally destined to play Glastonbury,” he says. “There were many years when we were offered it, but we turned it down.

“I look upon it as a culmination of our British heritage – it had to be done, and it’s going to be done, and we’ll see what happens.”

Part of the Stones’ first-ever Glasto show will be broadcast on BBC Two at 10.30pm tonight, following a tense round of negotiations between the band and the broadcaster.

source: classicrockmagazine.com